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With a new site design and a recent integration with Bing, our third largest social network doesn’t seem to be losing its buzz. Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic and money; users spend more on purchases they found through Pinterest than Facebook and Twitter combined. It is a platform with a rabid fanbase of users tuning in every day for essentially the same reason: to experience new products and ideas


Melanie Duncan, founder of Entrepreneuress Academy, spoke at Social Media Marketing World 2013 and I was mesmerized by her pinning prowess. She gave valuable tips on amplifying your brand’s message and channeling your target market with Pinterest. Digital advertising agencies, heed this advice.

Be Original: On Pinterest, more than 80% of all items are actually repins! You want to be in the minority that is creating well-tailored boards full of their own content. This is the number one mistake people are making when using Pinterest to market their brand, so if you’re a serial repinner, you’re not alone!

Useful Content: Infographics, checklists and tutorials all have the highest click-through rates. The taller and more detailed the pin, the better. They establish credibility, provide value and build relationships with your followers. For those of us that aren’t designers, is a great secret weapon for making attractive infographics.

Compelling Imagery: This one should be a no-brainer. There are many great sources out there for royalty-free images; it’s a matter of presenting these in fresh, unique ways. Enter PicMonkey for collages, filters and more.

Videos: Yes, you can pin videos! It’s definitely something you want to take advantage of, considering 90% of online shoppers say videos help in making buying decisions. Not sure what type of videos to post? Use Skype Call Recorder to capture interviews with experts in your field.

Teaser Text: Give people a preview of your content by adding text to your images. Then link these directly to your blog posts, podcasts or YouTube channel. “Call to Action” buttons in particular see an 80% increase in engagement.

Contributor Boards: This has to be one of the most underutilized strategies for growing your audience on Pinterest. Contributor boards let other people pin content and do the work for you! Not only that, but you get exposure across multiple pages, since your board will appear on each contributor’s page. Therefore, it’s important to add pinners with audiences similar to your own.

Follow and Comment: Don’t just follow any account, follow the right ones. This means those that share your demographic and have at least 1,000 followers. Comment on pins in your feed and it will appear to all the others that follow that account.

Keywords: Use keywords frequently in your boards and captions to increase your visibility and page rankings. This is absolutely vital to your strategy since Pinterest is dominantly visual in nature. So, hashtag away! Make them broad terms, so they will appeal to a larger audience.

Schedule Pins: Put your pinning on autopilot! Pingraphy helps you maximize your activities on Pinterest without spending a ton of time on it. Pin less often, but do it in bulk. You’ll have the best luck between 2-4pm, when users are most active.

Analytics: Once you verify your website on Pinterest, you’ll have access to the new and exciting analytics module! You will be able to quickly and easily see data on your Pinterest activity. Evaluate what type of content is working for you and adjust your pinning accordingly.

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