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I’m here at the 2012 International CES, the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow. I was granted access to a few pre-show looks that promise some exciting developments for technology in 2012. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the show by subscribing to our RSS feed and following us on Twitter.

Eye Control Comes to Windows 8


Gaze Interaction from Tobii enables Windows 8 to identify precisely where your eye is looking on the screen, turning your view into a precision cursor.

Tobii Technologies, from Sweden, revealed Gaze Interaction – a platform that enables users eyes to control and interact with Windows 8. This is a big leap in computing and will revolutionize not only laptops, but also tablets and smartphones.

Here’s a Tobii video that demonstrates the process.

Here’s Tobii’s website with more information on the platform.

Smart TV with User Face Recognition and Voice and Motion Controls coming in 2012

Today at CES, Samsung let their Smart TVs do the talking, so to speak. Now ready for 2012, Samsung Smart TVs come equipped with built-in HD camera and dual microphones to support user face recognition, motion and voice controls. A video showed a user saying, “Web Browser” to perform a search powered by Bing and other command phrases.

Samsung reveals Smart TV that identifies users and follows voice and motion commands.

Samsung has a fix for users when upgrades come out – Smart Evolution. A slot in the back will allow owners to upgrade their TVs with “Evolution Kits.”

TVs will also include a Media-Hub for on-demand TV shows, movies and games including Angry Birds.

Buzzing at CES: Nokia Lumia

NOKIA Reveals WINDOWS Smartphone that runs WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT at CES

Nokia unveils Lumia – An outstanding Windows based smartphone with some things never seen before on a smartphone in the US. It’s not here yet in the US, but it’s coming soon.

The team at Nokia shared with me the Lumia prior to the CES Show kickoff.

Quick Highlights:

  • Giant Screen: Gigantic screen due to very unique design (see more durability).
  • Increased Durability: Outer case is custom designed as a single unit, vs. multiple pieces that fit together.  The giant corning glass screen snaps into the case.  Benefit to the consumer – much more durable.  No need to buy protective outer case.
  • Intuitive User Experience: The Windows interface is a much more intuitive and user-friendly interface than typically found on iOS or Android.  All social media is connected via single touch.
  • Microsoft Office: Excel, Word and Powerpoint all live on the Lumia and the screen and interface is big enough to effectively use them.
  • Voice Command: Voice activated Bing Search, calling and texting.
  • Book Cover Search: Take a picture of book covers and Bing will deliver reviews, prices and search information.  Plans to expand beyond book covers to consumer products, etc.
  • Music Audio Search:  Music audio search that works similar to Shazam.  Hear a song, press a button, and song title and artist are identified, along with an opportunity to purchase.
  • Zune Library full of TV, Movies and Music: TV, Movie and Music platform is linked to Zune.  Which on the surface sounds like a let down vs. iTunes.  But keep in mind, Microsoft owns X-Box which has a very large library of television shows and also features movies and music  to download, all are shared with Zune customers.

The Nokia/Microsoft smartphone platform is going to be huge worldwide, and will be very big in the US.

Nokia is the number one manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones in the world. Microsoft is the most popular computer OS in the world. Its Windows platform for smartphones, which is very user friendly, links to and supports Windows computer OS. For example, if you’re working on a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document on your computer, you can continue to work on it using your phone.

Also, more integration with Microsoft’s Skype and Xbox Live will soon bring unmatchable experiences on handsets that will lure younger customers into the smartphone market.

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