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Emotional Connections

The trip to Social Media Marketing World in San Diego still has me buzzing with energy and excitement. As with any conference, there was a dizzying amount of information and insight. The best way I find to keep up with it all is to live tweet during the event, and then review my tweets for the top nuggets of information gleaned from the event – as judged by my peers’ RTs. I call these “twuggets”, of course. Here are my favorites ones from the conference (tweet them if you agree!):

  1. #Social trigger #1: CONTRAST: What stands out is remembered, what blends in is ignored. #smmw13 @derekhalpern
  2. REDIRECT Don’t attack your customers by telling them they are frustrated, tell a story about someone else that is frustrated. #smmw13
  3. #social trigger #4: SIGNALING: people share things to show people who they are #smmw13 @derekhalpern
  4. You have to connect #socialmedia to real revenue or you will lose funding. #smmw13 @nichole_kelly
  5. Make it STUPID EASY FOR PEOPLE TO CONVERT!! #smmw13 @nichole_kelly <–so true and yet so overlooked a lot
  6. Make sure you are adding custom URL parameters to any links shared in #social to tie back to Google Analytics Goals #smmw13 @nichole_kelly
  7. problem w/google analytics is it is based on last touch attribution. #SM usually affects the user higher in the sales funnel. #smmw13 @nichole_kelly
  8. #Social ROI convos should begin with showing your boss how #sm fits into the sales funnel. #smmw13 @nichole_kelly
  9. “Be a value creator, create connection currency, change your life” #smmw13 sage advice from @larrybenet!
  10. smartphones: psychological shield giving introverts ability to go out to be “social”- but focusing on #instagram filter selection. #smmw13
  11. What is the utility is your app offering? It better be super valuable, or people will delete it. #smmw13
  12. stop mythologizing hustle. Are we overvaluing workaholism? #smmw13 @jaybaer
  13. resist the urge to follow everyone. Follow those that add value. #smmw13
  14. The secret to success: “Therapy, drugs and buddhism” – @chrisbrogan #smmw13
  15. once again at #smmw13 #email mentioned mentioned as a core need, with impressive ROI. via @chrisbrogan <–agree!
  16. Twitter tip: provide real-time, exclusive access to content your audience cares about and normally could not get. #smmw13 @iizliz
  17. 50% of Twitter users expect a response within 2 hours. 70% expect a response on FB within 48 hrs. #smmw13 @pisarose
  18. People are 3x more likely to recommend a brand if they receive a response in #social. #smmw13 @pisarose
  19. Community Mgr tips: be helpful, humble, fun, positive, creative. #smmw13
  20. Twitter best practices via @bepkoboy from @wholefoods #smmw13
  21. the biggest ROI in #socialmedia is humanizing your brand. @ekaterina #smmw13
  22. .@Sharpie #SM Strategy: inspire creative use, shine SM spotlight on our fans and the amazing things they are doing with our product #smmw13
  23. How @sharpie made such amazing #SM traction: test and learn environment – push the envelope, test the waters. #smmw13
  24. quick social test – when’s the last time you highlighted a fan? Take a note from @sharpie and make it your focus #smmw13
  25. if you are a service-oriented company, you have no other choice than to be in social media. #smmw13 @fsaustin
  26. Visual content is currency today in the social space. Split btw UGC and brand-created content. #smmw13 @sharpie
  27. Keys for #HR: Social media policy, allowing social network access within company walls! #smmw13
  28. .@Sharpie is producing all content they are posting on instagram #smmw13
  29. Avg #socialmedia purchase $85, avg Pinterest user purchase $180 – @callanpaola #smmw13
  30. Good #Pinterest strategy starts w/user research: what is being pinned about your brand or industry (type, look, boards) #smmw13 @callanpaola
  31. Another #email plug from #smmw13 – key for building your #pinterest following as @sonyelectronics did!
  32. It’s about the experiences surrounding your product – not the product itself. Share those photos on #instagram #smmw13 @sandiegozoo
  33. Use #instagram to pull back the curtains, show the images behind your brand. #smmw13 @sandiegozoo
  34. Nice #instagram tactic – asking people to caption your photos #smmw13 @sandiegozoo
  35. Another tactic heard a few times at #smmw13: use internal company launches to get employees knowing and sharing your #SM campaigns
  36. Stop thinking as the biz owner/marketer. THINK AS THE USER to really succeed in Pinterest (and #SM)! #smmw13 @melanieduncan7
  37. #Pinterest tutorial pins see 42% higher CTR. #smmw13 @melanieduncan7
  38. 80% increase in engagement with adding a CTA “button” in your #Pinterest image. #smmw13 @melanieduncan
  39. Good #Pinterest strategy starts w/user research: what is being pinned about your brand or industry (type, look, boards) #smmw13 @callanpaola

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