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When first starting your relationship with a web development agency, you will have a lot of questions to ask. But today, I will be discussing the five most important questions you should ask when you are starting a new project or interviewing web development agencies for a new proposal.

1.  What technologies does your company use and what do you plan to use on my project?

The purpose of asking this question is to see how well rounded the company is, as well as seeing that they will apply the correct technologies for your web development project.  This conversation also allows you to voice any concerns you may have with a given technology or discussion on what web standards will be used for the project.

2.  How does your web development process work?

By understanding how the agency’s development process works, you can have clear expectations about the turnaround of your project and the timeline for when specific milestones of your project will be complete.  Also be sure to ask about how they test their work to ensure that your site will be fully functional when turned over.

3.  How do you plan on hosting my project?

Even if you are planning on hosting your project yourself, this is still a good question to ask, because the developers you are working with may have better solutions to hosting your specific project.  Whether it be using a content delivery network or a cloud based solution, it is still good to see how your new or potential agency will host your project.

4.  How do you handle support requests for my project?

This question is extremely important because you have to know once your project is launched, you will have the support needed if any issues arise with your project.

5.  What should I do if there is a change needed in the requirements of my project during the development time frame?

As everyone knows when working on a project, requirements will change.  By having a conversation with your web development company on this topic before the project starts, it will allow you to understand how flexible their team can be and how to best work with that team on making those changes.

What other questions would you suggest?