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Defining Your Voice

Defining Your Voice

Digital EQ Brings Personality to Brand Development

For brands to talk to people as friends, they first need to establish a clear voice. Around here, branding doesn’t begin with logos or color palettes. Branding strategy is about the telling the story behind the logo. And our job is to make that story resonate with your future audience.

The best stories are relatable, believable and entertaining, which means we need to know your audience before we start to weave the brand message. Working side-by-side with the client, we use the insight of analytics combined with emotional intelligence (Digital EQ) to better understand the people we’re talking to.

Once the voice is established, the fun begins. Logo design, packaging, brand guidelines and naming are just a few of the branding elements we create to support the voice. And truly, branding is never finished. Every facet of communication, from social posts to billboards, should continue to define the brand voice.

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