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Human Experience

For the past several years, Moose has utilized our on-site research facility to execute a national study that we begin cooking up in June.  This year, we started
with e-commerce and it led us to a distillation of consumer shopping habits which we believe reflects the profound changes of our industry.retail-state-of-mind-study-300x264

Check out “The Shopping Experience In A Smartphone World,” just released this week. We interviewed 1,874 adult smartphone owners across the US and dug deep into purchase consideration habits. You can download a free summary of our findings right here.   

The study clearly shows two things to be certain of in the ever changing world of retail:

  • the purchase cycle has been obliterated into a matter of seconds
  • retail has become a state of mind

Consumers are now discovering, researching, shopping, comparing prices and making purchase decisions instantaneously, which is having a huge impact on how they shop.

They equally prefer online and in-store shopping for most categories, and the few intangibles, like customer service, are also almost equal in the eyes of consumers.

We have to marvel that even before mobile wallet usage completely takes hold, shoppers are ready for it.

Retailers, for their part need to be prepared to have a vigilant online presence not just in e-commerce—but also in mobile search results and consumer reviews.  Given consumers’ propensity to check their phones at every moment, 2013 will be a shopping extravaganza.

For our part, we expect to focus on building strong presence for clients at every mobile touch point.  There’s always more on the horizon – and we track the trends in Moose Tracker – that, as of this writing, has more than 2,000 digital case studies.

We hope you find it as fascinating as we do.