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Conversation Starters

A viral video isn’t anything if it doesn’t delight the consumer. And as Pizza Hut’s recent insult-o-matic situation has shown with 100,000 views in 2 days (that’s not a lot) …. if it doesn’t delight or improve the life of the consumer, you got nothin’. I may add my vote to Merlin‘s — the Web *does* need an entrance exam.

Rodney Mason, COO of Moosylvania, agrees:

It seems Pizza Hut was trying to rip off Burger King or Coke Zero’s
hidden camera tactics sprinkled with a little Sonic in the car humor.
All of those campaigns focus on a benefit for the consumer.

I don’t see any benefit here. I just get the message that Pizza Hut is rude to small business owners.

How would they like it if Papa John’s did that to them? I’m pretty sure
the Papa John’s folks are smart enough not to attempt, but if they did,
the videos would be strategic and deliver on a benefit – like “Better
Ingredients. Better Pizza.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Rodney’s passed the exam.

Pizza Hut’s Viral Attempt- Two Days, 100,000 Views – Advertising Age – DigitalNext_1229374415985.pdf (424.70 kb)