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Each year on November 30th, web designers and developers across the globe come together to celebrate Blue Beanie Day, a time to honor the past and embrace the future of our profession through the lens of Web Standards. Here at Moosylvania, all of our interactive projects are built upon the foundation of Web Standards. What does this mean? It means that we use web standards to create user-friendly websites.

Used to be, this was a thing, that you could get a job just by mentioning CSS or Section 508. But now, pretty much every modern interactive practice is rooted in the same fundamentals. Even the browser makers are on board. Our work here is done. Yay!


Turns out: The Internet does not stand still. Each new gadget, each new consumption context provides a new opportunity to silo off creative works into a proprietary format or platform-restricted app. And while business often demands that you play in these private sandboxes, building with Web Standards will at least ensure that your code is reusable and your message can find the widest audience. Remember: “Best Viewed on Android/iOS/Desktop” is just as ridiculous as “Best Viewed on Netscape/IE/Firefox.”

For today, the 6th Annual Blue Beanie Day, let us tip our toques to those who have led us and steel our resolve to make sure that we do not unlearn all of our lessons.

Want to take part with us in Blue Beanie Day? Use the tag #bbd12 to spread the good word!