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Emotional Connections

2013 was the first time at CES that the vast majority of keynotes, panel discussions and one-on-one conversations were focused less on the wizardry of electronics and more on the amazing ways they are bringing people together.

Electronics have always been machines that do repetitive tasks for us.  But now, everything in our lives has the ability to be identified. They serve as a communicating platform that helps us live better, more efficient lives and share our learning and connections with others.

The TOP HOTTEST TOPICS from CES 2013 include;

1) Mobile

The mobile web now leads all other technologies and is changing the world like no other technology before it.

Mobile is connecting people through healthcare, education, rescue, financial services, geo-location, social media, government activism, entertainment, news and current events.

It’s doing so with voice command, high-def pictures, five-inch big screens, customization and augmented reality, among other fresh new technologies. Bill Clinton noted in his keynote at the conference, “Mobile technology is doing so much now to lift the poor.” 

2) Download Speed

Clinton also pointed to another important issue that was repeated at the conference on multiple fronts: the US is falling behind in download speed, now #15 in the world and slipping. It is imperative the US beef up our infrastructure before we get left behind.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced at the conference that the FCC will allocate more unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi, and they are now proactively considering another spectrum auction to expand overall bandwidth.

The purposeful throttling of bandwidth by the FCC has caught up with the regulatory body as it tries to sustain constantly evolving technology and increased consumer demand. Experts across the industries at CES noted the sudden reliance on cloud-based services to expedite the delivery and engagement of their digital platforms.

But clouds are not enough. At the rate adoption is headed and with the onslaught of smart technologies everywhere, the FCC needs to do more than try and play catch up. They need to get ahead of the issue.

3) Curators

Across the board in every category, filtering was discussed as a big challenge.  Suddenly we’re inundated with so many choices and content that search isn’t enough.

Many pointed to local curators and experts via social media and blogs as key solution.  Trusted specialized sources who point their loyal followers to the social media choices and information they trust are becoming more important than ever.

Curators have led followings to everything from new governments to favorite movies, and their role and stature in society is growing.

4) Big Data, Privacy and Strategy

Data that doesn’t violate privacy, but tracks consumer preferences and tastes is slowly optimizing all experiences and was a hot top at the conference.  Almost all agreed, the efficiencies of data meshed with a true optimization strategy is key to delivering the best and most efficient experiences.  And, it is worth giving up some privacy for the benefit of the best and most efficient experiences.

5) Content Everywhere

The lines between TV and web based content have blurred like never before.  Content now lives on all devices in varying formats.  Content creators and deliverers are now tasked with making each of those experiences unique to the platforms they are engaged upon.  And as more devices and experiences come online, content providers and propagators will continue to adapt.

6) Smart Machines

Smart technology is leaping from computers, mobile and TV into household appliances, self-driving cars, custom sewing machines, 3D printing, vapor interactive projection, robots and more.  The life often prophesized in futuristic sci-fi, where machines perform amazing and intuitive tasks is beginning to take shape.

7) Flexible Materials and Nano (MEMS)

New Materials and Processes are making non-machinery items smart. Shoes, jewelry and clothing can now track daily exercise and deliver content. Flexible materials make it possible to wear smartphones and wrap paper-thin monitors around curved walls for the ultimate signage that can be customized to a one-on-one experience. All new ways of manufacturing and processes to make things smarter are bringing forth completely radical new ways of computing on the go.

Today 150,000 people from around the world begin to head back home full of optimism that all new forms of technology, just like the CES conference itself, will be working harder than ever before to improve the world by bringing it together.

CES 2014 should be amazing event given all the innovation taking place in 2013.

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