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Hello, and welcome to the Social Media Marketing Rodeo! If this is your first time here, I’ll take a moment to explain that Vine is an app and social network owned by Twitter that makes it dead simple to shoot and share six-second videos. It was being pitched as “Instagram For Video” and while that is true, it ended up selling the service short and alienating many people who would otherwise enjoy it — your author included.

But while the mechanics are similar, the limitations of the app make for a unique experience. Behold:

  1. By forcing users to shoot in-app, they keep out the pre-made, semi-pro shots that clog up Instagram. It also prevents people from uploading someone else’s content, at least without filming it off a screen.
  2. By forcing users to shoot linearly with no editing controls, they limit the scope of artistic aspiration. Removing the option to edit and fiddle endlessly places emphasis on candid moments, recalling the golden-age of Super 8 home movies.
  3. By limiting the output to six seconds and looping them endlessly, the best Vines become hypnotic meditations on their subject.

In truth, the breathless enthusiasm of these points sounds tiring even to me, but I was a complete Vine skeptic until I actually used the app. I look forward to seeing new creative uses for Vine and will be watching closely to see how Vine gets integrated into social and ad campaigns.

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