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Friendship Management

Rounding out my first full year at Moosylvania, I’d like to bestow some knowledge on our new intern class. I used to sit where you sit, explore places to eat around Maplewood where you frequent and step cautiously around co-Moosers as you do. Some of you will join us as full time employees, and I’m here to help you in your journey.

  1. Ask Questions. You will get confused. It happens…a lot. So don’t  fumble around in the dark and go ask someone. Don’t be afraid to question things. It may be something we haven’t thought about yet. You never know! Point is, never be afraid to ask someone something, even if you think its stupid.
  2. Keep Your Cool. You will get stressed out, especially in the first few weeks. When you start it’s nerve wrecking and very strenuous on the mind. Deadlines move fast and requests change by the hour, so try to be flexible and understand that not everything will work as planned. Keep your cool and ride the wave, as they say.
  3. Always Be a Student. Always! My mother told me this when I went to college, but it was lost amidst alcohol consumption and the search for thrills. Turns out, she was right. As I work on my professional career, there are non-stop things I can learn from the people around me that will help me grow. Treat each day like a valuable lesson, because it inherently is and that will benefit you at a digital advertising agency. Be a lifelong learner.
  4. Offer to Help. Regardless of the task, offer a helping hand. There is no shortage of jobs when it comes to advertising. If you notice a coworker is swamped, let them know you can help. It will help you better understand how another brand team operates and you may be able to take some nuggets of information back to your own team.
  5. Good Attitudes Go Far. It helps to smile and laugh, no matter how tough your day has been. You are going to get down sometimes, but don’t worry, be happy! A positive attitude is contagious in the workplace.Good Attitude

Working at a full-service advertising agency is no easy gig. It’s hard work, but also a lot of fun. Remember that you will get out what you put into this experience, so stay on your toes and keep your head up 2013 Moosylvania Interns!

Have more advice for our 2013 interns? Tag @campmoose with your words of wisdom!