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For a brief moment today, we imagined What The World Would Be Like Without Photo Rights.

So let’s get the story straight. Instagram originally said over the next three weeks, they were going to shoplift our photo rights.

Initial Thoughts

First of all, if you need to figure out how to monetize, maybe you could ask us or any of 2,000 other agencies for ideas. But shoplifting is pretty easy when you’re a popular kid in school. You figure, who is going to prosecute a kid for stealing a candy bar? Then, you get caught and thrown out of the store. They call your parents. You kind of learn your lesson, do your homework and get an education.

You learn to think of value-driven ideas – because that’s what the world demands.

Unless, you already have millions of users who thought they were posting photos on your site for their friends and family. Let’s get into the photo library business. Great idea. There’s nothing anyone can do – we’ll be rich!!!  We’ll steal their photos. Sell them over again and again. What a riot. Open up the calculator on the iPhone and let’s check our Facebook stock prices. It went up already!

Life is sweet.

Unless you actually care about where your personal or brand photos show up.

Since they didn’t play this out – we thought we would…

We have for your perusal, what the world would look like if Instagram sold your photos to marketers. You might show up where you least expect it.


Then, They Listened (we hope)

With the power of social media, Instagram was able to listen to consumers and within hours, they released a blog post acknowledging the situation and said they are working on updates to their terms of service and privacy policy.

Thanks Instagram, we enjoyed the exercise in futility. We’ll stay tuned to see if we get to keep our rights.

PS:  I really did intend to pay for that candy bar. And, I wasn’t really that popular.

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