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Because it’s more fun than making New Year’s Resolutions, our online marketing department here at The Loud Few are making some internet marketing predictions for 2011. Below is what we think will happen in 2011 for various marketing channels, including SEO, Ecommerce, PPC/SEM, Social Media, Mobile and a few other areas.

Have your own interactive marketing predictions? Leave us yours in the comments. Then we can check back on this list this time next year to see how we did!


  • Brick & Mortar businesses will use inventive ways to encourage customers to leave reviews at the various review portals (Yelp, Google Places, CitySearch, etc.) to improve their Local SEO. Most will focus on ways to ask for the review (email, handouts, etc.) and incentives for customers (discounts). —Lisa
  • Video optimization focus and factors will grow.– Lisa


  • Keep your eye on Google’s Rich Snippets as a trending topic for ecommerce optimization.  The battle between Microformats, Microdata, and RFDa continues but HTML 5’s Microdata begins to establish dominance. – Aaron
  • With more people comparison shopping on their phones, smaller ecommerce stores will have an advantage over big box stores, if they make their offers competitive and their sites mobile-friendly. –Lisa


  • “Deal of the Day” Groupon-like local coupons will become available as advertising options via popular online ad platforms such as Adwords and Facebook. (prediction/wish) – Erin

Social Media:

  • Deeper integration of social media and TV. — Erin
  • Social CRM becomes the norm for Fortune 500 companies. — Lisa
  • As Twitter gains in popularity, social proof (ratio of followers to following) becomes more important than sheer number of followers. — Lisa
  • More companies will crowd-source discounts via custom Facebook Tabs. –Lisa


  • Location-based augmented reality for retail? Would love to stand in the street or a mall and “window” shop a bunch of stores at once. –Erin


  • HTML 5 makes it main stream and flash video content becomes rarely used on popular sites. –Aaron
  • Bacon will continue to be the #1 shared interest amongst the tech set. — Lisa

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About the Author

Lisa Keller is the Marketing Project Manager at The Loud Few, an online marketing agency in St. Louis. You can follow Lisa on Twitter.