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I recently went on a high-adventure vacation, which lead to purchasing an action camera to capture my experience. This has since sparked my interest in the action-cam category. I won’t spotlight any of my footage here, but I will share some content strategy findings and thoughts about why you should be excited to get these in your brand’s hands too.

However arguably vain we are to take video of ourselves at play, a well done action video can earn tons of unique views. Extreme videography content has earned GoPro Camera’s YouTube channel one of the highest view counts of any brand, behind beacon brands like RedBull and OldSpice. Views are flattering to be sure, but they also lead to sales. GoPro is now the fastest growing camera company. So much so GoPro founder, Nick Woodman, can count being a billionaire among his accomplishments.

Here’s How To Get Started:

Content is king — is a timeless saying for any brand. What new and engaging content could your brand create with wearable action cameras? How many YouTube views and shares could your brand earn from new exciting POV’s? For instance, don’t just limit your brand to live-tweeting and Instagram streams, create some engaging 60-second recap videos of events. Take your brand on an adventure or challenge, but don’t forget your copywriter, art director and editor. You don’t want to end up with a tired 4 minutes of boring amateur video. Because nobody has time for that. I’ve scoured the Internet (mostly YouTube) for videos to get you started on your own brainstorms. Enjoy!

1. Show customers the experience of making your product: 
Shaun White’s Birth of a Board


2. Remapping Time is now more accessible than ever:

Mirage – The Full Experience

3. Capture an amazing feat (try incorporating your product):

Titleist Sandtrap

4. Embrace brand ambassadors. Partner with guest bloggers or celebrities to tap into their audience: 

Training Day with Brandon Lloyd

5. Take your brand to new places:

Hello Kitty In Space

6. Broadcast new characters (mostly cute animals):

Eye of the Riley (Griffith Park)

7. Film customer’s or celebrity’s genuine reactions to experiencing your product:

Sturgis – 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson

And if all this self-filming has your eyes rolling, please enjoy this 6-part GoPro mock-series by comedians Tim & Eric:

And of course lets not forget the flying-suit and antelope videos:

Mountain Biker Gets Taken OutLike A Flying Boss and The (G)Narwhal Rides Again!
Have any of your own favorite videos or ideas to share? Give us a shout here.