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allison_bThanksgiving is behind us and our holiday plans have been made, so it is now time to start thinking about the New Year. Take some time to reflect on the past year and craft resolutions for a more successful 2013. Resolutions are for more than just bettering yourself personally – they apply to your career or business as well. No matter if you are part of an advertising and design agency or a marketing manager for a specific brand, you must be able to reflect on what you have achieved, where you have failed and where you want to go next. And so, to get you started, here are a few resolutions to begin your marketing makeover in the New Year.

Resolution 1: Lose Weight

I am not talking about losing your love handles, but rather trimming off all that is weighing down your brand. With the way technology is today, brands can make lasting impressions with much less bulk, and in turn, less money. While staying true to your brand identity, eliminate the excess “fat” that causes your communications to become overly complicated. Stick with what is easy to understand.

Resolution 2: Learn Something New

Right when you thought things couldn’t get more complicated, someone comes out with something new. With the world of marketing constantly evolving, especially related to brand marketing online, it is important to stay on top of what is fresh and new. Search the web for innovative digital activations and do some research on new technology that will help your brand stand out. Also, simply keep your eyes open for innovative promotions in market and use this information as a case study to take your campaigns one step further. Need inspiration? Check out MooseTracker for great case studies.

Resolution 3: Stress Less

When it comes to a big project or program, view it as an opportunity for growth. Don’t stress over not getting it right, or going too far, because with marketing especially, growth only happens when you try new things. Think of these risks as an opportunity to educate yourself. After all, the best way to learn is through experience. A great place to start is in the digital space, where even if mistakes are made, you can easily and quickly change them. Take a risk and learn to enjoy it.

Resolution 4: Spend Quality Time

Learn about your target market and start to look at things from their perspective. Dig a little deeper by getting involved in communication on social channels. Do not hesitate to get a little personal and let the consumer know more about who is behind the scenes. This interaction will be appreciated by your consumers and will help you establish an ongoing relationship.

Resolution 5: Get Organized

The New Year is the perfect time to organize your campaigns and get a fresh start. Use shortcomings from the previous year to help develop a successful action plan moving forward. Set monthly and quarterly goals that will help you achieve one overall yearly goal. Plan for success! Give these a try and share your own goals for a smooth and successful 2013! Do you think you can keep your resolutions this year?