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The new and has arrived! We’ve been working hard over the last few months to design and develop our new website, and we’re proud to show it to you now. So what went into the new website? Here’s a brief overview of a few digital highlights:

Smooth Scrolling Site

The site is made with all javascript and HTML5. Navigate to the Homepage and use the Explore More buttons to scroll smoothly down the top level sections. You can also experience this in the About section.

Using HTML5 & CSS3

To achieve animation on the site without using quickly-dying Flash, we utilized sprites and the HTML5 Canvas element to animate various areas on the site. Utilizing CSS3 also speeds up the load time of the site because it uses less images for the animation.

Our new site experience rewards users with a wider monitor – there are some hidden gems out wide in the layout. However, we designed the key content to fit in the most common browser size used by visitors to the existing The Loud Few and Moosylvania websites.

Custom Mobile Experience

To give mobile visitors quick and easy access to content they are likely looking for, we’ve created a separate mobile website that is served to mobile website visitors. This also includes the WordPress blog plugin WPTouch that makes reading and sharing our blog posts via mobile even easier.

Built on a CMS

We like our sites to be “CMSable”. That means we build websites that are on a Content Management System so they can be easily updated by someone who is not a web developer. Need to change website content? Our talented team of copywriters can do this directly through the CMS that our new site is built on.

That’s just a few of the digital highlights of what went into our new website. Take a look around and let us know what you think. You can leave your feedback in the comments below or contact us and let us know.


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