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As the wise man once said, if you want happy and productive developers, give them sharp tools and interesting problems. Here at Moosylvania, the sharpest tool in our arsenal is SilverStripe, an open source content management system we use for most website and application development. Here’s the rundown on why.

The techies in the audience might be interested to hear about SilverStripe’s MVC framework and Active Record ORM, but all that alphabet soup simply means that a developer has the power and flexibility to build what they need without the platform getting in the way. This is important for several reasons:

  1. Uniqueness. If you really are solving interesting problems, you aren’t going to want the end result to look like every other site built with the underlying technology. By providing only the barest front end essentials out of the box, SilverStripe frees developers to fulfill the creative visions of the design team without falling back on the same tired 2- or 3-column layouts.
  2. Momentum. Developers are like sharks — they must keep moving forward at all times. Trying to coerce a blogging platform into becoming something like a web service back end will only slow you down. Since SilverStripe has no preconceived notions about what it should be, you know you are crafting a square peg for that square hole. Heck, even the CMS portions are simply a module than can be removed if desired.
  3. Modularity. Like a badass Lego set, SilverStripe encourages developers to code with modularity in mind. The strict MVC pattern all but prevents the tangled spaghetti code that can so easily manifest on other platforms. This allows teams to swap code modules between platforms and even makes revisiting long dormant code bases a breeze.
  4. Interestingness. At a certain point, all developers worth their salt will tire of making the same sites over and over again. By incorporating a somewhat obscure system like SilverStripe into their arsenal, a developer can use coding muscles that may have atrophied over the years. Plus, if you don’t know MVC and Active Record by now, what better way is there to learn?

Now, some of you out there may be reading between the lines and seeing some (very thinly) veiled shots at WordPress and other blogging platforms. And while we do love WordPress, even more we love picking the right tools for each job. Case in point: this blog is a WordPress instance inside a SilverStripe site.

At the end of the day, we here at Moosylvania see our investment in SilverStripe as a competitive advantage. Yes, it makes it possible for us to develop sites like X, Y, and Z on short timelines, but it also makes us an attractive place for developers to work. So if sharp tools and interesting problems make your world go around, check out our job openings.