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Social Media Club St. Louis had a massive event Tuesday night, November 16. It’s not surprising when you combine Scott Scratten (best selling author of UnMarketing, social media celebrity @unmarketing with over 72,000 followers on Twitter) with St. Louis classic landmark Blueberry Hill, karaoke, and new St. Louis landmark Pi. No wonder the event sold out. Erin, Aaron & I were there and here are 28 Tweetable Takeaways from Scott’s presentation.

Advice from a Social Media Jedi

As one astute audience member pointed out, Scott should consider stand-up comedy. His presentation was engaging and quite hilarious. And that’s not just because I was drinking a Guinness Snakebite. Through the humorous bits, I picked up the following social media marketing tips from Scott (and he also added a wink to most of these tips to give us the tweet signal– nice touch, Scott!):

  1. Marketing is not a task, not a department, not a job: it’s everything single time you choose to engage. — Tweet This!twitter
  2. The one who engages the most with your marketplace is your marketer. Everyone is a marketer — Tweet This!twitter
  3. Just because you say your video is viral, it doesn’t make it so. The audience decides if it’s viral — Tweet This!twitter
  4. People spread awesome — Tweet This!twitter
  5. The best frequency is when you have something to say. #Blogging started on passion — Tweet This!twitter
  6. It doesn’t matter if you use #socialmedia or not, your audience does — Tweet This!twitter
  7. If you want to get on the first page of social bookmarking sites, make it about #StarTrek or #StarWars — Tweet This!twitter
  8. Don’t write frequently, write awesome — Tweet This!twitter
  9. If your blog takes over 100K to load, you’re doing something wrong — Tweet This!twitter
  10. No excuse not to have your blog #mobile enabled—use wordpress plugins — Tweet This!twitter
  11. The best #SEO suggestion Scott has is to write great content — Tweet This!twitter
  12. I don’t care what you call it, it’s a pop-up. It’s like punching someone in the face — Tweet This!twitter
  13. Use Askimet, Disqus WordPress plugins to encourage engagement. Don’t have your comments await moderation — Tweet This!twitter
  14. If you don’t allow comments on your blog, it’s called an article — Tweet This!twitter
  15. If your product or service sucks, it just sucks harder on SM. #SM doesn’t fix it, SM makes it louder. — Tweet This!twitter
  16. People do business they know, like, and trust. What are you doing to increase these things in your market? — Tweet This!twitter
  17. You have to learn how to play to 40 first before you play to 40,000 — Tweet This!twitter
  18. The key to building your #Twitter following is replies—Scott averages 75% replies — Tweet This!twitter
  19. Every time you ask for the ROI of #Twitter, a kitten dies — Tweet This!twitter
  20. 5 yrs ago CEOs would pay for a tool to monitor audience and competition and respond — Tweet This!twitter
  21. Don’t have a DB running your #socialmedia account — Tweet This!twitter
  22. Negative online trolls try to get a rise out of you. It’s going to happen. They’re not worth your time — Tweet This!twitter
  23. Don’t update your #Facebook to Twitter or vice versa. So wrong. Or LinkedIn — Tweet This!twitter
  24. It takes a thousand tweets to build a reputation and 1 to ruin it — Tweet This!twitter
  25. The best way to get #Twitter followers is not trying to get them — Tweet This!twitter
  26. Best way to get #Twitter followers: tweet great stuff — Tweet This!twitter
  27. Want to see a Geek Tsunami? Check out the #Cooksource issue — Tweet This!twitter
  28. Neg comments? People will stand up for you and know who the moron is. If it’s constructive, learn from it — Tweet This!twitter

Special Loud Thanks! to @dharmesh who inspired this post format with his killer post: 23 Tweetable Startup Insights From Seth Godin

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