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Friendship Management

Drambuie® wanted a larger social media presence, especially on Facebook. So given our experience with brand marketing online, earlier this year they asked us to extend their global campaign—A Taste of the Extraordinary—into the social realm.

To the brainstorm room we went.

Out came ideas—some good, others not so much. We picked one, then decided it didn’t work. We came up with another and decided it did. We revised. Then revised some more. And at long last, we developed a social media promotion that uses both Instagram and Facebook to recruit new Drambuie fans.

At the core is a sweepstakes via this Facebook app that launched a few weeks ago.


It entices ‘creative class’ consumers to Like and interact with Drambuie by offering them something they love—cool Instagram photos—along with something that everyone loves, prizes.

Each week, we post six “extraordinary” Instagram photos. Then Drambuie fans vote for their favorite, and when they do, they’re entered to win a grand prize studio pack with a laptop, camera and editing software, as well as weekly prizes, including photo and drawing app downloads, music downloads and whisky stones.

To drive traffic to the app, we’re also running Facebook ads. They encourage users to ‘Like’ Drambuie, vote for their favorite pic, and oh yeah, we also mention the prizes.

For me, the most interesting part of the project is how it uses a wide array of marketing devices, spanning from experiential to brand marketing online. We have ‘influencers’ in major US cities drumming up enthusiasm for the app and actually taking the Instagram photos from their own point of view. We’re making a foray into ‘mobile’ by leveraging Instagram. We’re running Facebook ads. We have a community manager promoting the app on Drambuie’s Timeline and Twitter account. We have the Facebook app, itself. And on top everything, we’ve sprinkled a tasty sweepstakes.

Check out the app, cast your vote and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. You might just win in the process.