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Conversation Starters

The Moose account team recently had our monthly meeting where we discuss hot topics, trends and best practices. This month’s topic was proofreading. One of our account managers, Sarah Cortopassi, led us through a nice refresher course on the 3-step process for Proofing.

Because we touch so many items every day – creative briefs, copy docs, comps, presentations, statements of work, emails, estimates and more – this process ensures a high level of quality for all pieces moving through our agency and out the door. Here is a snapshot into this process:

Step 1: How does it look from a bird’s-eye view? Take a good look at the overall piece and ensure everything is in the correct place, creative looks as it should, the element is built to the correct size, etc.

Step 2: When I read it and think about it, does it make sense? Do the visuals and copy work together to convey the intended message? Make sure to read it for comprehension to ensure everything is clear.

Step 3: Have I proofed it in detail (word-by-word and letter-by-letter)? This is essential when proofing every piece. Letters and words can easily be missed. Make sure to proof everything meticulously. A trick of the trade: read the copy backwards. This will help you read all of the words and not allow your brain to simply skip over them! Ta-da!

Why all of this focus on proofing? It’s an integral part of what we do – perfection is not the exception, but the rule. Mistakes can be costly – it’s much easier to take the time to conduct a detailed proof of an element than to have to pay for it later – reprinting or explaining how on earth you missed the typo “beautfiul.” Just take the time up front.

Now go out and proofread something. Work to make the world free of typos!