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Social Media Marketing World 2013 recently wrapped up in San Diego, and the nuggets of useful information we’ve come back with abound!

Take, for example, this super simple, yet highly effective social media marketing tactic from Michael Bepko, Global Online Community Manager for Whole Foods:

Segment your Tweets.

Great idea, right? But Twitter doesn’t exactly have a targeting system in place. So how is it possible to take one piece of content and make it relevant to the various segments of your social media marketing audience?


Simple. Just re-write your tweets.

Say, for example, you own a pet store, and you’ve just begun carrying a new line of treats for cats and dogs. Obviously, this news is relevant to a few different segments of your following, so when sending treat-related tweets, just slightly vary the content a bit.

It might look a little something like this:

@AwesomePetStore Go fish! Kitty won’t be able to resist our new salmon flavored cat treats. Come find them on our shelves today! #Cats #Pets #Purr

@AwesomePetStore Flavor your #dog will sit up and beg for. Find our new lamb flavored #pet treats on shelves now! #Wooftastic

As you can see, the general gist of the message is the same: We have awesome new pet treats that your furry friend will love. But it’s been subtly tweaked to target various members of your audience. And you could continue to segment it further. Are the treats natural? Organic? Which members of your audience would be interested to know those facts? Would vets want to carry them? And the list goes on and on.

When you get specific with smaller audiences, you’re actually expanding your reach and making yourself more relevant. As far as social media marketing tactics go, it’s relatively simple, but it has the potential to drastically increase the engagement of your content. And it works because different members of your audience will be searching for varying information.

So next time you sit down to write a tweet, start thinking in specifics, create several variations of the same content, and watch your engagement numbers rise.

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