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The Big Game, or El Plato Supremo as we are calling it here at Moose, had some winners and losers as always. It was encouraging to see that so many more brands understood that people were using a second screen and likely tweeting from it, so they included a hashtag or some form of social media marketing into their campaign. A few stood out from the pack and one came about as close as the 9ers did to #winning, but lost the ring in the end. Here are our thoughts and a list of the commercials with links so you can check them out yourself, in case the party you were at was a little too loud. Tell us what you thought of the commercials this year in the comments!

Best Use of Social:

Oreo, the reigning heavyweight of social media, demonstrated its savviness again during the game when they aired the only commercial to feature an Instagram Call to Action, which resulted in thousands of new followers instantly for the cookie brand. Then, when the lights went out at the Dome, Oreo showed the power of a brand live tweeting by almost instantly sending a quip and branded image that immediately went viral.

Best Attempt (But Miss) at Social Integration:

Lincoln’s #SteertheScript should have worked for all intents and purposes, but, unfortunately, the commercial fell flat when aired. They started the campaign out right, tapping into a largely-followed celebrity, Jimmy Fallon, to source for tweets to make the commercial plot. However, I think the lesson learned here is that you can’t crowdsource an entire commercial storyline. The rest of the world doesn’t get it.

Best Social Newsjacking by a Brand:

“Newsjacking” is what David Meerman Scott calls injecting your ideas into a breaking story or news event. Obviously Twitter is the best place to make this happen. While Twitter was lighting up during the blackout at the Game, three brands stood out for their ability to jump on the situation and tweet out a relevant brand-related content. Oreo was one as we saw earlier. The next was Audi, which took a jab at the Mercedes-named SuperDome:


And then Walgreens tweeted this gem:

Lesson learned here is you don’t have to spend $4 million on a 30 second TV spot to gain big buzz during the Game, as Walgreens demonstrated by having their Community Manager live tweeting instead.


Ads From Last Night

Bar Refaeli Makes Out With “World’s Greatest Extra” For Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial [Video]
Your Big Idea

  • #TheKiss (*shudder*) + #YourBigIdea
  • Handle: @GoDaddy

Kia Sorento Super Bowl Commercial: Space Babies / Babylandia [Video] [Photo Gallery]

  • Handle: @Kia

Why Cries of Racism Won’t Sink Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad

  • #GetHappy
  • Handle: @VW

Samsung Mobile USA – El Plato Supreme

  • #TheNextBigThing
  • Handle: @SamsungMobile

GoPro Goes Small for the Super Bowl

  • Handle: @GoPro

See the Spot: Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton-Only Super Bowl Ad

  • Handle: @DMPaperTruck
  • Airing in Scranton, PA

A Devilish Willem Dafoe Joins Kate Upton, Usher in Mercedes Super Bowl Ad

  • Handle: @MercedesBenz

Super Bowl 2013 commercials: Budweiser releases Clydesdales ad early, debuts Twitter account
Budweiser Black Crown

  •  #Clydesdales
  • Handle: @Budweiser (just launched)

Bud Light | Journey | 2013 Super Bowl Commerical – Super Bowl XLVII

  •  #HereWeGo
  • Handle: @budlight

Watch Gildan’s Edgy Super Bowl Ad

  • Handle: N/A

M&M’S “Love Ballad” Commercial

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | Big Game Ad | “Team” (Extended)

  • Handle: @Hyundai

E-Trade Bringin’ Baby Back

  • Handle: @etrade

Doritos Goat Ad: 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Features Funny Man-Pet Relationship (VIDEO)
Doritos® – Fashionista Daddy

  • #Doritos
  • Handle: @DoritosUSA

Oreo Super Bowl Commercial 2013: ‘Cream Or Cookie’ Debate Taken To Extremes (VIDEO)

  • Handle: @Oreo
  • Only promote Instagram in commercials

Calvin Klein Concept Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

  •  #calvinklein
  • Handle: @CalvinKlein Big Game Commercial: Wolf

  • #nodrama
  • Handle: @casdotcom

Audi 2013 Big Game Commercial – “Prom”

  • #BraveryWins
  • Handle: @Audi

Toyota RAV4 2013 Big Game Commercial “Wish Granted”

  •  #WishGranted
  • Handle: @Toyota

Axe Promotes Space Contest in Super Bowl Ad

  • Handle: @AXE

Asking Amy: Best Buy 2013 Game Day Sneak Peek

  • #InfiniteAnswers
  • Handle: @BestBuy

Viva Young: Taco Bell Commercial

  • Handle: @TacoBell
  • #LiveMas

Jimmy Fallon, Lincoln let tweets write car commercial for Big Game

Dodge Ram’s Super Bowl Spot Features Paul Harvey’s Tribute to Farmers

Allstate goes to the Super Bowl with an extravagant display of mayhem

  • Handle: @Allstate
  • Only promote Facebook in commercials