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Vignetting in Photoshop, A Video Guide from The Loud Few on Vimeo.

Working at a web design company people often ask me if I know any tricks to jazz up a photo. One quick and easy trick is to add a vignette effect to your photo using Photoshop. Vignetting is darkening the edges of a photo in order to draw the viewer’s eye to the center of the photo. It’s also a nice way to give your photo a cool vintage look. This is a commonly used trick in professional photography and advertising. Once you have a sense of what vignetting is, you will probably notice that you see it all the time.

In order to do this tutorial you will need a copy of Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop, try downloading a free trail at Adobe allows you to download a free try version of Photoshop for thirty days.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and invite you to ask any questions you may have in the comments section below. Are you in need of website design services? Contact us today and let us know how we can help you out.