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Friendship Management

Whether you are a major brand, non-profit organization, or a small business, if you have a Facebook Page, you are actively trying to increase the number of “likers” for your brand or organization. You do this by cross-promoting your Facebook Page, starting a Facebook marketing campaign, buying Facebook ads, etc. No matter what Facebook Page marketing strategy you use, implementing a Facebook Fan Gate during your Facebook application development is key to making sure your marketing efforts turn into more “likes” for your brand.

What is a Facebook Fan Gate?

A Facebook Fan Gate is simply a requirement for the user to Like a Page before they can access specified content on your brand’s Facebook tabs.

Here’s How It Works:

When a Facebook user or internet surfer first visits your Facebook Page, they are presented with the default landing page. Behind the scenes, a signed request token is passed to the browser, indicating whether or not the Page has been liked. If the user has not liked the Page, we recommend displaying a visually attractive teaser graphic with a “Like Us” call to action (don’t forget to note why to Like the page). If the page has been liked, then the user is presented with the exclusive content or special offer.

Do You Need a Facebook Fan Gate?

“Liking” a Facebook Page is a relatively low barrier of entry and users are accustomed to liking several different brands – especially if they receive a special offer or exclusive content.

You will want to include a Fan Gate because once a user Likes your brand, you can remarket to them using Facebook Page updates, future campaigns, events, photos, etc. If you didn’t require a user to Like your brand to access a coupon, enter a sweepstakes or get your special content, you loose that valuable opportunity to easily speak directly to that user again via Facebook. The goal should be to grow your audience.

Keep In Mind

• Set the default Facebook Page welcome tab to the fan gate.
• If you have multiple tabs, you’ll need multiple fan gates.

Measure Success

You can use Facebook Insights to view the number of new likes and lifetime likes for a given date range. Additionally you could install Google Analytics to track visitors and interactions.

What are fan gates have you seen recently? Have you seen Facebook fan gates with really effective layouts to display their “Like Us” call to action? Share them with me on Twitter.