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hoeman_blogimage-01-199x300The holidays are here, and the hottest items of the season are selling like hotcakes to mobs at the mall. However, selling a new and fresh idea to a client can be more difficult that elbowing through the a sea of humanity to snag one of 20 TVs selling at 70% off.

As a creative at a design agency, you are faced with the task of selling your concept throughout your career. And when you have that super awesome concept, you owe it to your concept to get behind it and sell it to your client. Let’s talk about the fundamentals to kick-start the concept-buyer mindset of the client:

 1. Take A Page From The Boy Scouts

Be prepared. As a creative, sometimes you’d rather face a firing squad than present a concept to a client. Nerves won’t sink your concept but coming unprepared to talk through strategy will. Review your work, collect your thoughts, formulate and practice key points that you want to bring up to your client. Few people can wing a presentation and sell the concept, so give your concept a solid start out of the gate by arriving composed and prepared.

 2. The Best Offense Is Defense

Think like your client.Get in your client’s mindset and dissect your work. Ask yourself key questions like ‘Is this concept in line with the brand and its target?’, ‘Does it meet the criteria outlined in the brief?’, ‘Does it take into consideration client limitations like budget, timing, and materials?’, etc. By anticipating client questions and issues, you will have better grounds to uphold and defend your concept.

 3. It’s Not An Exclusive Club

Let your client in on the creative process. It’s not simply the act of explaining why you centered all the text and chose teal over yellow in the color palette. Lead your client through your thought process and how you consequently arrived at your creative solution. Foster an open dialogue with your client–—encourage them to ask questions and give feedback. By doing this, you invite your client to have a role in the execution of the creative and take ownership the concept.

 4. Get Psyched About Your Idea

You have worked really hard to create a stellar concept; don’t let it fall flat because you gave a lackluster pitch. If you don’t believe in your concept then why should your client? If you are enthusiastic and present your concept as the best thing since luggage with wheels then you have a great chance of winning over your client.

By following a few fundamentals, you can fully represent the awesomeness of your concept and inspire your client to pick up the ‘must have’ idea. Tell us your tips for the perfect pitch in the comment section below.