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Conversation Starters

A good social media marketing strategy gives you a plan to follow when it comes to posting in the social world, but when it comes to actually crafting copy for those posts, where do you begin? If you’re writing for social media and looking for a few helpful tips, start with these golden rules:

1) Be Genuine. Your goal in social is to start meaningful conversations, so first and foremost, be real. If you come across as overly brand-y, don’t listen to what your fans and followers are saying, and neglect to have a true back and forth tête à tête, you’re going to lose your audience–fast. Don’t forget, you’re connecting with real people through your posts, so talk to them conversationally.

If only crafting copy for social was this easy


2) Be Interesting. Social can be a pretty cluttered space, so you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. Remember, you’re competing against cute babies, cat videos and inside jokes from friends. What can you say that sets you apart? Think through what might make someone stop in their tracks, or click on a little further. And never ever “post just for the sake of posting.”

3) Be Relevant. At the same token, just because something is interesting doesn’t necessarily mean it will resonate with your target audience. What makes your fans and followers tick? Why did they follow you in the first place, and what type of content are they expecting from you? Write about what they care about, from the voice of your brand, and make sure your social media marketing strategy always reflects your core values.

4) Be Informed. Social media is a nebulous, ever changing sea of tweets, pictures posts and links, but you can usually find a current to ride. Search for popular hashtags, see what’s trending throughout your channels, know the news and what topics your audience tends to like–and tap into all of it to expand reach and engagement. Again, don’t jump in just for the sake of jumping in (see rule #3), but find the opportunities to start discussions where you can. Additionally, stay up-to-date on rules, regulations and best practices for all your active social channels. Knowing how to best utilize character counts, when to post pictures and where you can bend the rules can be super helpful–and come in major handy when it’s time to actually craft the copy of that next post or social promotion.

5) Be Innovative. Sure, we’ve stressed following the rules here, but taking a risk every now and again can really pay off. Don’t do it all the time, but test the waters if a fun idea strikes, and see how your fans react. REI used videos instead of posts to personally respond to consumers during the holiday season. It was a novel approach, and hugely successful. So go ahead, break out of the mold, and show your fans something new and exciting.

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