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Brand Pages vs. Newsfeed ROI: What You Should Really Be Investing In

By Andrew Cohen

What’s one thing every social platform has in common nowadays? A Newsfeed.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Tumblr (does that still exist?) – every social platform has a home base. Why?

Well, to one-day sell/feed your ads of course!

Let’s work backward on this: Growing your fan base used to be a very important part of the social media algorithm. You’d spend a portion of your budget to convince/entertain fans to click a like button and accept to see your content organically. You then would post and create a community who is interested in your brand or product.

So, what’s happened since then? There is almost no organic reach (.1% on your worst day – 4% on your best) as per Facebook’s updates in 2015. PSA: That number is getting smaller every second. And all of those fans you’ve accumulated is just economies of scale.

But why is organic reach shrinking? Why doesn’t fan count matter? Facebook is a business. A publicly traded company with stockholders and a share price that needs to continually grow.

Organic posts don’t make them money – Promoted content does.

Pretend you’re in charge of Facebook for a second: Why let brand posts go to their owned fans for free when you can charge them? And they’re willing to pay. And if they’re not – someone else will happily pay to talk to those same people.

Think of Facebook as a playground – and you’re looking to sell lemonade.

(Brand Page) Spend time/money building your booth and logo. Yell out “Lemonade here!” from the stand (remember, it’s a really noisy playground).

(Newsfeed) Put the lemonade in people’s hands immediately after they get done on the swings/jungle gym and ask them if they want a sip?

Okay enough with the small talk let’s get serious about ROI.

What should you invest in, if not the brand page? It’s quite simple actually: Newsfeed Advertisements. That is how users get fed messages naturally so why spend money building your organic brand page when you can target specific messages on the newsfeed for the SAME or LOWER cost. It’s cheaper and more effective to use the latter.

PSA #2: Facebook isn’t the only platform that is focused on selling ads

This is true for all social media platforms including Pinterest and Snapchat who have recently bulked up their ad offerings. Remember, users and brands aren’t in charge of how platforms distribute content – the platform is. And they like money more than they like you (or your brand).

So, what do should you do? Abandon the brand page and create targeted ads?

Not exactly. Your brand page is a great place for fans to communicate directly with you and other fans. Use this to your advantage – just don’t spend all of your budget and time there. Promoted posts are great but only if your targeting and CTA’s lead to a sale. Creating entertaining content is where I’d recommend spending organic dollars and creating actionable targeted content within the paid side. Invest time in understanding the multitude of ad types these platforms offer and determine which leads to conversion.

After all, that’s the #1 goal, right?

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