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Content: The Game Everyone is Playing

By Andrew Cohen

Welcome to 2018. In today’s social landscape, we see millions of pieces of content uploaded daily and so many new features it could make your head spin.

We are in the midst of a content revolution and the game has changed completely.

All content is not created equal. Gone are the days of high cost commercial shoots and long-form storytelling. Information has to be three things to surface and be successful in today’s marketplace: quick, engaging and entertaining.

Facebook announced last week that their newest algorithm update includes promoting more “meaningful” posts and discounting brands and businesses organic reach to almost nothing.

When beginning to understand what “meaningful” means to Facebook, it starts with remembering this is a user-first platform. Brands and news outlets have been taking advantage of the platform (low cost, ease of publishing, giveaways with no rules) and its global footprint is now stronger and more scrutinized than ever before. Fox News posted 49K times in December alone. The market is oversaturated with poor creative, memes and stolen content.

Facebook is doing everything they can to stop fake content and political insanity, while also making sure stock prices rise.

A report from Adstage mentions in 2017, CPM increased by 171% & CPC increased by 136%. All the while, click-through-rates have remained flat, the average number of engagements have decreased by 77%, and costs are still going up.

That could be due to the amount of advertisers using the channel increasing by 2 million in one year. Global social ad buying has risen 6% every year and isn’t stopping. Global ad sales for social just hit $35B ($17B alone in the US*).

With a marketplace this busy, it’s important to understand what content will stick out and how to convert.

Shareability and community driving content should be at the forefront of every strategy. Just don’t forget that competition for the consumer is more fierce than ever.

If you haven’t heard, we have a new mantra at Moosylvania. It’s called Join The Brand  and focuses on creating communities of fans who are believers not just buyers. We use our millennial insights to guide our brand planning and strategies.

Every year, we go out and learn more about how millennials think, react and adopt brands. We take the same approach for the brands we work on. We believe all fans want to belong and brands can facilitate their communities via social, digital and email. Sounds easy, right? We can promise you one thing, it requires a big idea and a lot of planning.

So how do we combat these Facebook algorithm updates and create meaningful posts?

It all starts with insights and targeting. If you don’t understand your audience, you’re not going to be able to communicate with them in their language.

Understanding how to manipulate Facebook targeting and create media targets that fit the size of your social spend is imperative. Also, set goals and benchmarks now so that you can understand later how well you’ve connected and what to do next.

Then comes the hard part, CONTENT. With tools that assist in making content easy, we’ve seen a flood of really average content. With memes and stock images from top accounts, it’s logical to take a similar lowbrow route.

That’s where most go wrong. We’ll pick up next time about how to make your brand stand out. Stay Tuned.


*Data via Socialbakers

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