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The Essentials of a Great Social Content Strategy

By Kelly Strecker

Every day people spend hours posting, scrolling, liking and commenting on various social platforms. Social media gives brands the opportunity to connect with their target, engage in two-way communication and provide relevant and engaging content in ways other marketing platforms simply can’t match. There are many ways to approach social, but the below essentials should play a role in any social media strategy and plan.

1. Set specific objectives with measurable KPIs. Social can have a variety of objectives (awareness, engagement, fan growth, brand affinity, etc.). It’s important to have a clear objective with the right KPIs in order to measure and track performance.  

2. Have a clear understanding of your target. It’s critical to know your target. This information helps guide the overall strategy, includes the types of content, the messaging, tonality, posting frequency, etc.

3. Create content pillars for the year. Content pillars are thematic territories that align with your brand and target. Essentially, they provide a creative framework to guide your social throughout the year. This helps the brand maintain consistency and relevance throughout all of its social content!

4. Tap into trends and pop culture. Whether it’s watching the newest Running Man video or discussing the latest album drop, brands can and should tap into current cultural trends to align themselves with content that interests their fans. Check out all of the brands that posted about Drake’s album launch (#Views) – it’s a powerful thing!

5. Monitor and test. Social is constantly evolving and changing. Be sure to continually monitor your content and ads. If something isn’t performing well, optimize and try something else. Social is a great platform for testing and trying new things.

How do you approach social? Similarly or differently? Send a comment or hit me up on the Moose social channels. Until next time…

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