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How to be Our Favorite Client: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Rachel McInnis

(Hint: It doesn’t have to do with having a huge budget or a sexy product.)

When creative teams are excited, amazing and unexpected ideas result. Of course, we aim to find passion in every project, but it’s an unfortunate truth that some are just more exciting than others.

These are the ones that we find ourselves daydreaming about on a Saturday, finding inspiration on a random Wednesday evening or waking up in the middle of the night to jot down an idea we just dreamed about.

As a client, you want those to be your projects, right? But you can’t exactly build that into a brief, so how do you win this coveted spot in the hearts and minds of the creative team?

STEP 1: Be excited and passionate

Energy is expansive and incredibly contagious. This is especially true for creatives, the emotional beings that we are. We aim to bring a level of passion to everything we do, but it really gets amped up when we see it mirrored back. We feed on it.

So basically, the easiest way to get your creative team stoked is to show how excited you are. If you want it to be great, we’ll want to rise to the occasion. If you’re excited to work with us, we’ll be excited to work with you.

STEP 2: Tell us what we’re working with

It can be really disheartening to get a “blue sky” assignment to find out after the first presentation that there are, in fact, a lot of parameters – like a small budget or a bunch of mandatory elements to include. 

When we know the context of the project, we can offer ideas that are both feasible and break through. And it helps us feel like we’re all on the same team – we’re helping you to solve your problems and it enables us to add a little value outside of the direct assignment.

Besides, I actually believe we can be even more creative and offer more strategic planning when we have to think inside the box.

STEP 3: Be open to it being way better than you imagined

We love hearing your vision, and when we get excited about sharing in that vision, we end up with ideas that build on it, stretch it and aim to make it better.

A good creative team will give you an option that is spot on to what we think you’re looking for and also give you a couple options that take the spirit of what you described but enhance it.

So we love when clients entertain possibilities without initially ruling them out. It’s always good to know that you’re open to our builds even when they may not be the winning idea.

STEP 4: Collaborate with us

We want to hear your ideas (after all, you know your brand and your consumer better than anyone), and we believe there’s power in more than one perspective. Ask our opinions on things and you’ve not only given us inherent permission to apply more critical thinking to the work we do for you but you’ve also allowed us to become more invested in it.

For instance, if you tell us, “I’m struggling with the color,” and then ask, “What do you think about making it red? What would happen?”, we can explain the implications and talk through other ideas together. Think how different that conversation will be than if you simply direct us to make it red.

So stop worrying about the size of your budget and get excited. Join us for the ride. This can be really fun if you let it.

We're ready when you are.