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Moose Trend Tracker: November

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Cosmopolitan magazine now makes wine. Uncorked by Cosmopolitan kicked off with a wine tasting on Nov. 17. The fun-loving source for celebrity news, dating and relationships, beauty and fashion says their wine endeavor started over a year ago but makes sense to launch right now because, “everyone needs a non-boring, mouthwatering collection of wines perfect for everyday drinking (or drinking every day, no judgement).” (Cosmopolitan, Nov. 2020)

Heineken USA is working with Pinterest and Tastemade to create short videos showing consumers how to use beer bottles to create DIY holiday decor. Pinterest is experiencing a rapid boost in popularity amongst brands and consumers. This growth is tied to a number of reasons: increased consumer interest in at-home activities and projects, trends toward e-commerce, boycotts against Facebook and the idea that the platform is a sort of refuge from the politics and misinformation dominating other social platforms. (AdAge, Nov. 2020 / AdAge, Nov. 2020)


Feb. 7

The Super Bowl is set to take place Feb. 7 with restrictions due to the pandemic. The stadium will be at 20% capacity that day, and viewers will be encouraged to tune in virtually to watch the game and halftime show, headlined by the Weeknd. (Rolling Stone, Nov. 12, 2020)



Of museum directors surveyed, or almost one in five, stated that they “didn’t know” if their museums would survive the financial implications the pandemic has created for them. 

Typically, American museums rely on consumer donations and ticket sales. However, with many museums staying closed for safety, they are forced to look to online programming to engage people, and continue to be spaces for “education, inspiration, and dialogue,” according to UNESCO. (New York Times, Nov. 2020 / UNESCO, 2020)



The increase in gift searches surrounding movie night box gifts on Pinterest. Pinterest recently released a report on user activity within gift searches, with some of the largest increased searches involving categories like: 

  • housewarming gift baskets (+2.5x
  • movie night box gifts (+3x)
  • kitchen gift baskets (+2x
  • personalized items like cutting boards (+88%) and aprons (+83%)

 (Social Media Today, Nov. 2020) 


Of Generation Z are leaning in harder to make the holidays special, ‘after the year we’ve had.’ The pandemic has heightened Gen Z consumers’ tendency toward online lifestyles and values-driven purchasing behavior. This is likely to result in increased support for local businesses, minority-owned businesses, brands that are sourced responsibly and sustainably, or brands that support important issues like racial equality. All values need to be addressed and considered when showcasing sentiment this holiday season. (Retail Dive, Nov. 2020)


Peloton recently announced a long-term partnership with Beyoncé, who has been using the product for years. She will be involved in new classes featuring music, movement and wellness. The company will also be incorporating fitness programming, as well as programs for internships and employment, at ten historically black colleges and universities. (AdAge, Nov. 2020)

Waffle House recently teamed up with Oconee Brewing Company to create Bacon & Kegs beer, a 6.5% ABV bacon-infused red ale. The beer will be available at a single Waffle House location in Atlanta, as well as on draft or in six packs at Oconee Brewing Company starting Dec. 18. (USA TODAY, Nov. 2020)


Consider how to be malleable with current cultural restrictions. For some brick and mortar businesses like bars and restaurants, this might mean “rethinking their spaces or finding new ones, and that often translates to a pop-up.” (, Nov. 2020)

  • Banzarbar worked with a multimedia artist to build a shipwreck seating area
  • Cry Baby Gallery delivered a Fall oasis to bring Autumn to life
  • The Shameful Tiki Room reinterpreted the beloved lemonade stand



The percentage of population increase as  Americans move to Santa Barbara, CA. Since COVID-19 has allowed more Americans to work remotely, the number of individuals relocating from large metro areas to small cities has grown. This shift, according to NPR, “could help to revitalize smaller towns, change the way many Americans choose where to live and widen the supply of workers for employers struggling to fill jobs in high-demand fields.”

Other top destinations include Burlington, VT, Greenville, S.C. (NPR, Nov. 2020)

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