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Moose Trend Tracker: October

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The pandemic has brought about a segment of health conscious consumers focused on keeping their immunity high. This group has shifted focus away from sodas and drinks with high alcohol content.

$25 billion

AB InBev’s estimation for where the no-and low-alcohol beer sales will be by 2024 in the US, explaining their continual tap into the ‘near beer’ trend of product innovation, including Budweiser Zero, zero alcohol and zero sugar. (Nasdaq, 2020) 

400K Cases

Are expected to be shipped in Teremana tequila’s first 12 months in-market, one of the biggest debuts for a new-to-world brand in history.
Teremana, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tequila brand, is breaking spirits records with this launch. As celebrities continue the trend of acquiring or launching their own spirits brands, fans are continuing to support them.
Johnson has dubbed Teremana “the tequila of the people.” And this launch is proving him right. (Shanken News Daily, Dec. 4, 2020 / Fox Business, Dec. 7, 2020)



Sports have been an ongoing conversation across the country as parents, educators and coaches try to determine the best way to keep kids active and safe.


Youth athletes in the US were unable to participate in scheduled events at a cost of 700 million US dollars to the event organizers. 


Of surveyed parents in May were strongly concerned about their children’s youth sports programs going out of business due to the pandemic. Causing some parents to travel out-of-state (depending on state regulations) to keep their kids in the game. (CBS Sacramento, 2020)







People are deprioritizing paying their debt in expectation and hope of a potential federal student loan forgiveness in the future. The pandemic is being considered a grace period, allowing for savings to go toward other areas of life, like a down payment on a house. 

Interest ▲

For most though, they are struggling to pay the minimum interest payments and balances will grow based on sky-high interest rates.

Either way, every situation is individualized and a point of ongoing concern for US citizens’ economic futures. (The Hill, 2020)



Of 13-39 year-olds are willing to shop on Instagram, making it the top platform in consideration for shopping from Gen Z and Millennials. 


Of 13-39 year-olds are willing to shop on Facebook, but Millennials are driving this inclination with 51% answering they are willing to shop on the social platform, while only 16% of Gen Z agreed.

Willingness to shop on social is driven by more screen-browsing and less aisle-gazing. (YPulse, 2020)

Entertainment News


Of 13-39 year-olds say COVID-19 and quarantine have changed the way they listen to music. Both through discovery and through virtual music events. The question on everyone’s mind is will virtual concerts outlast the pandemic? (YPulse, 2020)


Brands are joining in to promote the importance of voting and encourage action. (Vogue Business, 2020 / Trendhunter, 2020)

  • Saks Fifth Avenue is registering voters at its New York Flagship store and online at Saks.com
  • Warby Parker and Tory Burch are paying employees to volunteer at the polls 
  • Ralph Lauren declared Election Day a company-wide holiday 
  • Nordstrom committed to voter registration and education in partnership with When We All Vote and the National Urban League 
  • Steve Madden is transforming select retail locations into legitimate registration hubs in collaboration with Voto Latino 
  • Foot Locker partnered with Rock the Vote to leverage retail locations as registration sites to appeal to Gen Z

Let your voice be heard.


Oreo is partnering with PFLAG to build on their #ProudParent platform in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month. With only two-thirds of Gen Z identifying exclusively as heterosexual they are the most liberated and diverse generation in history and Oreo continues to celebrate diversity, individuality and self-expression with consumers. The partnership created a debut film titled Proud Parent and is releasing the first Limited Edition OREO Rainbow Cookies. (Forbes, 2020)


Think about how to support your consumers, “It was not long ago when brands and designers would absolutely not comment on anything about [politics] because they were so afraid of alienating customers,” says Robert Burker, fashion business consultant. By contrast, brands now fear they may be accused of complacency if they do not speak out.” (Vogue Business, 2020)

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