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Moosylvania's Millennial Research - Top 100 Millennial Brands 2018

By Norty Cohen

Moosylvania has published the Millennials’ Top 100 Brands list for the past six years surveying 20,000 millennials as they continue to mature. This year, they are 18-38 years old.

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Each year, the study focuses on how and why consumers adopt brands, beginning with the unaided question, “What are your three favorite brands?”

Remaining in the lead are Nike, Apple, Amazon and Target – and this year, Walmart moved up to number five.

Even more significant are new additions, Ulta cosmetics, ELF cosmetics, Torrid apparel, Uniqlo apparel, Wegman’s and Zara stores.

More than 25% of millennial respondents told Moosylvania they market themselves. Millennials are acutely aware of their projected online image. Essentially, we are marketers marketing to marketers.

The study shows that the top 100 brands create a connection with their audience by focusing on:

  • Making consumers look good
  • Making consumers feel good
  • Entertaining them

In the Top 100, the biggest spenders are not the biggest winners. Brands who focus on inspiring lifestyle and creating participation succeed. In analyzing the list there is a predominance of retail, fashion, beverage, cars and gaming brands. But, there are no cellular providers or beer brands, who are both multi-billion dollar advertising categories. It’s crucial for brands to stop one-way messaging and start two-way participation.

Following Moosylvania’s first book, The Participation Game, the agency team went back to the whiteboard and asked the question, “How can your brand become a sticker on a laptop?”

Over the last two years, new research focused on how brands can leverage consumers’ need to belong in order to create community, regardless of category. Their second book, Join The Brand, will be released Fall 2018 and contains the six-year average Top 100 Brand list, which is a culmination of 18,000 consumer responses between 2013 – 2018. 


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