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You’ll Never Believe It. Social Media Has Changed Again.

By Julia Reed

If we know anything about social media, it’s that updates, changes in functionality and algorithms are inevitable. As marketing experts, we are challenged to not only adapt, but to build on these changes and find new ways to entice audiences to interact with our brands – easy right?

Lucky for us, the social media platforms are on our side. At the core of recent platform changes, from Facebook 360 to Instagram Stories, the channels have the same goal we do – to create interactions. Here are a few tips on how to make the latest platform 

Facebook has created a feature that allows you to upload 360-degree photos and videos to share with your friends. Don’t have a 360-degree camera? Just upload a panoramic image to Facebook via your smartphone to create an interactive photo that feels almost the same as a 360-degree image.

Why it’s interactive: With 360-degree content, users can now control “what they” video and “how they” video by simply dragging their mouse to navigate through the image or better yet, moving their phone to adjust what they see.

Facebook Live Video

With Facebook Live Video, we can now see real-time footage of everything from athletes saying hello from the locker room to reporters broadcasting breaking news. The feature is basically your sneak-peek at exclusive content, while also beckoning you to stay on the platform and watch.

Why it’s interactive: As Zuckerberg described it, Live Video is like having a mini TV camera in your pocket – anyone has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. Users can watch an interview or news report and share reactions through emoticons while receiving answers to their questions in real time.

Twitter Live Streaming

Twitter and the NFL partnered up earlier this year and have been live streaming Thursday night football games ever since. Prior to this partnership, football fans were upset that the NFL Network – a network unavailable to most TV viewers – had exclusive rights to these games. But, now anyone with a Twitter account and access to wifi can stream football every Thursday. Oh, and did we mention, the same goes for anyone looking to watch the 2016 presidential debates? Yeah, you can do that, too.

Why it’s interactive: While the streaming service still leans more toward one-way communication, Twitter users are able to live tweet throughout the stream, making it easy to interact with anyone else watching the same event.

Pinterest Promotional Videos
Pinterest has merged the worlds of e-commerce, video and pinnable content with the debut of its promoted video advertisements. Companies can place videos in users’ feeds along with six forms of buyable pins. Brands, such as Bare Minerals and Old El Passo, are using this feature to put an interactive spin on traditional Pinterest content.

Why it’s interactive: Instead of just reading makeup tips, users can now watch an expert makeup tutorial and proceed to buy the makeup used in the video without ever leaving the platform.

Instagram Stories

Moving beyond perfectly filtered selfies and staged food porn, Instagram Stories allows brands to show off a more candid, less-stylized side. Mimicking the premise of Snapchat stories, the posts last 10 seconds and disappear after 24 hours. Unlike Snapchat, however, Instagram Stories provide brands with analytics so they can track their off-script moments.

Why it’s interactive: Brands can use this as an opportunity to give exclusive background stories and “a day in the life” content. Take Bark Box, a monthly subscription for dog treats and toys, for example. They created a behind-the-scenes “doggie interview” between an employee and a delightful pug. The story was not only hilarious, but it also created a new kind of emotional connection with their target audience.

Snap. Inc Wearable Technology

The company formerly known as Snapchat has built a career based on consumer interactions, and is now taking it a step further with the release of their first wearable hardware, Snap Spectacles. The glasses are similar to a Go-Pro, shooting from the wearer’s perspective at 115 degrees, but in true Snapchat fashion the recordings only roll in 10-second bursts.

Why it’s interactive: While there will only be a limited quantity of spectacles released, this device presents a unique opportunity for brands to create content from the viewer’s perspective and experiment further with augmented reality.

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