3 years ago

The Five Mistakes That Marketers Can’t Stop Making

By Norty Cohen

1. Consumers care about their own story first.

Brand marketers fall in love with their manifesto. Serving content without joining the consumer conversation first is a bad habit. It’s like handing plates of food to people in a restaurant without asking their taste preferences.

2. Consumers are on social platforms to engage with friends, not brands.

Moosylvania research showed that only 3% of consumers go to social platforms to engage with brands. The remainder is connecting with friends, family and staying in the know. You need friends of friends talking about you. It’s not about your target market – it’s your target’s target.

3. You are marketing to a marketer.

Consumers spend as much time marketing themselves as you spend marketing to them.
Moosylvania research found that consumers will spend ½ hour to 2 hours a day making and posting content. How can your content help them?

4. If you add the term, “Digital Extension” to traditional media, it’s an epic fail.

The process of getting the TV idea first has replaced the “I forgot I had a test today nightmare.” It just keeps reoccurring. Everyone’s looking at their phone 150x plus a day. Everyone has a fast forward.

5. Social content without metrics is a bad investment.

Creating content buckets and pushing out monthly themes is great. But not without iterative learning. If you are not getting to two-way conversations, you’re talking to yourself. Audiences and engagement need to grow just like any other investment. Hold your teams accountable quarterly.

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