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#Winning Social Media with the 3 E’s: Embrace, Engage, Entertain.

By Andrew Cohen

When it comes to social media, one word is crucial and transcends every social platform - engagement. So let’s start with a definition of what it means to engage.

Engage (verb):

Def. To occupy the attention or efforts of a person(s).  

So what makes such a simple notion so tough to grasp for social media marketers - hell, for marketers in general?

First, catching the eye of a captive and eager audience in today's digital marketing world is about more than page views - it’s about getting fans and fans-to-be to consistently click, comment or share, while also building brand credibility in their own circles.

For context, our latest Moosylvania millennial research puts the average consumer’s attention span at less than 8 seconds.

With that in mind, you’re only engaging if you’re providing utility for the consumer and not just your agency or client roster. As a social media marketer, it’s time to redefine the tired old definition of engagement in favor of new best practices that build and maintain engaged audiences:

Engage (verb):

Def. To connect with people on a frequent basis.

The latest algorithmic updates on Instagram and Twitter homepages began ranking content by the most engaging, rather than the most recent. To make a long story short - it’s time we waved goodbye to cross-channel, mass-blasted brand messages and said “hello” to a new type of two-way communication.

Here’s your first tip: Ask your consumer what they would like to see from your brand. Remember, the platform you’re posting on wants to provide utility and entertainment to their users. And by all means, a platform will find a way to spend your media dollars, in order to put your branded message in front of your target audience. The challenge becomes getting eyes on your post organically. The takeaway - ask your fans what they want, watch the responses come in and react accordingly.

Second tip: Geolocate and isolate messages for specific posting times. Everyone - your grandparents included - are pushing their own messages across all major social channels. Which means the playing field is no longer a small pond full of hungry fish.

Think about it - how many times today have you seen the same meme posted by different users? Differentiation is key. So talk directly to certain audiences, at specific times and meet them where they’re living to stand out.

Your final tip: Entertainment is key. When it comes to social and community management, our philosophy is this - the fans you’ve accrued have followed you for a reason. They don’t want to hear more brand-filtered messages about why they should support you. They want to be entertained. They want to laugh. They want to cry. They want to tag a friend and say, “Lol this is so you!”

So before scheduling your next post - imagine you’re already a fan of the page and consider whether or not you’d engage with each piece of content. If not, it’s time to head back to the drawing board.

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