Top 100 Millennial Brands 2019

By Norty Cohen and Jillian Flores

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The new top 100 list is in and we’re seeing the on-demand world shift before our eyes. 

Every year, since 2013, we recruit a national panel of millennials (this year ages 19-39) and ask them their favorite brands.  No prompting.  Just fill in the blanks and tell us their three favorite brands unaided.

Our 2019 list reflects the importance of going above and beyond for “friends,” not just consumers.

Amazon moved up to #1 from #4 for the first time in seven years.  Walmart moved into the #4 spot, steadily climbing from #14 since we first began.  Even more importantly, Walmart’s private label brand, Great Value, made the list at #98.

Concurrent with this report, Moosylvania conducts numerous studies throughout the year, to help our clients react faster and more effectively. One of these studies examined the role sub-brands are playing in consumer choice, showcasing retailers ability to transfer their brand equity.

The role brands play continues to change. The emotional value of status can now be achieved within personal social networks.  In many categories, there is no special status from buying name brands, unless those brands work harder and deliver a higher value proposition.

Status quo won’t work and box-checking strategies or channels such as, “do social media,” won’t stand out as we roll into 2020.  Brands need to move from aspiration to inspiration.  From one size fits all to personalization.  From checking a box to checking reality.

We’re firm believers in building brand communities of people who can spread the word and affirm brand mission statements.  Our books, The Participation Game and Join The Brand, are filled with examples and additional reporting.

We’re always interested in feedback and happy to share our reports in speaking engagements and consultative opportunities.

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