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The mission of Moosylvania’s interactive team is to bring new ideas to our clients and partners, to never settle for the status quo, and to always keep evolving. New products are always in our pipeline.

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Wondering what holiday shopping patterns are popping up this year? Us, too. Check out how we used PostPogo to get some answers.

Moose March

Want to see how your favorite team is doing on our digital playground? Hit the court below to see how we're using PostPogo to track second screen data for this year's NCAA basketball tournament.

PostPogo is a publishing platform that aggregates all of a brand’s social feeds and hashtag campaigns into viewable content on your site.

These are each displayed in separate feeds that have both real-time display and monitoring capabilities.

We realized a need in the market for a tool that turned a brand website into an activity hub, firing on all social channel cylinders. It was developed as an alternative to the “enterprise solutions” that provide one or two social feeds and analytics for á la carte-style pricing.

PostPogo answers what our clients are looking for and it is being implemented on each of these levels:

Promotions & Events

Organic is becoming harder and hard to execute with the new pay-to-play environment.  PostPogo provides our clients with pre-promotion, referral and CRM tools to maximize organic awareness.  When consumers can find all of the feeds in a single place – our clients’ websites – exponential growth is possible.

Publisher Tools

As media connectivity grows to be a major part of the awareness tools available to marketers, PostPogo helps publishers aggregate social feeds and builds audiences exponentially.

C-Suite Tools

Upper management wants to see social feeds in a variety of media – but most don’t have the time or inclination to join each network and monitor feeds in real time. PostPogo provides a single feed that allows everyone from the C-suite to the entire company to view and participate in social feeds off of a single URL.

Positionally serves clients who want a simple, yet powerful solution for managing job postings. This tool can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites using a developer-friendly API. Hiring managers and HR professionals can post jobs, review applications, take notes on potential hires, and track candidates as they go through the interview process. The best part? It’s designed to make updating positions incredibly easy on the back-end — no technical expertise required.

Developers have full access to a powerful API that allows for seamless, customizable display of job postings and application forms within their own site. No more losing SEO value to third party providers or using hacky iFrames to connect two disparate platforms.

Open Source Projects

For our latest endeavour, we are looking at all of our project work and finding common components to open source for the community.

Check out our GitHub page for the latest projects, and contribute with us.