Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is inherent to our agency DNA. As our digital strategy philosophy has evolved over the years, from SEO to user experience evaluations and multi-channel touchpoints, we’ve continued to refine how our digital strategists and creative team approach digital to convey big ideas.

The Moose Digital Strategy Process

Our goal is to ensure brands deliver content in the most engaging way possible. Our team of writers and strategists oversee:

  • Digital content strategy review and consultation

  • Training on content delivery and management 

  • Digital content production and optimization

  • Performance measurement and content analysis

Effective Digital Strategy

Understanding key touchpoints and how effective digital strategy moves consumers through the funnel doesn’t have to be guesswork. Our process is predicated by years of research on millennials and how they adopt brands: 

  •  Millennials seek connection and status all day long.

  • Consumers participate with brands they like ---> buy.

  • Consumers have human needs to join and foster community ---> more than just buying.

That means in order to implement a successful digital strategy, brands can no longer simply optimize a website or buy digital ads they have to have a cohesive approach, tracking the touchpoints that lead to conversion.

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