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Gap has started placing a new type of ad at bus stops and other transit locations in major cities such as NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago. These ads employ digital techniques to help build impressions in markets where consumers are inundated with out of home print advertising. The interactive part of the campaign is executed by creating geofences around the ads, which activate the mobile part of the campaign for people in the vicinity. For instance, a bus that comes by will have a Gap ad on it. While waiting for the bus to arrive, you’ll open Word with Friends. The geofencing will prompt the application to serve an ad with a coupon for $10 or $50 purchase. If you don’t have the app open at the time, the advertisement could still be seen up to two hours of leaving the area. Chris Gayton, Gap’s senior director of media and brand engagement, says the campaign was a good way to “close the loop” by allowing customers to interact with the brand directly after seeing the colorful bus ads (TechCrunch) . So far, the campaign has gotten results; in this mobile app business use case, which ran from Feb 20 to March 6, 2.5 million impressions were delivered, with a 0.93 percent clickthrough rate. The highest clickthrough rate was in San Francisco, which had a 1.17 percent CTR. By comparison, the standard mobile clickthrough rate of 0.2 percent. This innovative way of promoting Gap’s brand is new, refreshing, and most importantly, an effective example of using mobile phone content advertising to create a brand experience for the user when they’re out of the store.

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by Kelsey Eng