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Intel has launched a new app called “What About Me” that gathers a user’s social media history and creates infographics about their activity on the sites.  The app works across a number of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  The app mines the user’s history of status updates, photos, uploads, tweets, comments, likes etc. in order to develop insights such as time of day most often spent on social media sites, topic most posted about, most popular posts, and people most talked to.  Intel’s program then organizes this data into infographics that users can share on their social profiles.  The app also challenges users to keep checking back to see how their usage changes over time.

Following the successful launch of their popular Museum of Me last year, Intel is again looking to change the way people look at their interactions on social media.  This app gives users a way to categorize their interaction and provides them with insights they might not be able to gain on their own.  The success of this app highlights user’s newfound interest in personal data.  While some users are still afraid of sharing too much personal data, many have embraced social media as a way to share a myriad of data with anybody willing to listen.  Intel’s “What About Me?” provides these users with another method of sharing data about themselves in an organized and insightful way.

Posted in Friendship Management
by Courtney Reeves