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The company Prep-U is launching Advanced Placement test preparation apps. With the advancements in mobile web marketing, strategies move in this direction. The market for this exceeds 18,000 high school students each year for May’s Advanced Placement exams. These exams give students the opportunity to earn college credit for being a high scorer. The apps are based on a previously marketed online study tool and first determine the current level of understanding that the student has in the subject through a series of quizzes. After their level of mastery is determined, the app provides quiz questions at their level. This app is programmed to never ask a student a question that they already know or a question well beyond their level of knowledge. The progress of the student is tracked on a dashboard that can be viewed by them, or by a professor that assigns this app. Many other textbook publishers and startups are dabbling in this theory called adaptive learning. Each test prep app will cost $40, and the content will include between 1600 and 3600 questions that is developed by Prep-U. The challenge is to determine whether students will pay for the app when it is not a requirement. The company believes that there is a market for this, and are willing to invest in building this app. To learn more about this exciting business venture, visit Mashable.

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by Allison Bikshorn