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The Washington Post has launched a presidential election iPad app that includes features not found anywhere else on the web, like interactive tools and maps.This brand new interactive iPad app has photo-based headlines with up-to-second news coverage from the campaign trail, graphs, polling data and videos. These unique features allow users to easily see where a candidate stands on issues and how their position has changed over time.  The three different map options included show state-by-state polls, current campaign ads playing in each state, and a map of historical election results since 1789, complete with Washington Post articles dating back to 1880. The WP Politics app features are free with an upgrade opportunity for $2.99 called “The Insider’s Corner”.  Paying users have access to ‘Campaign Files,’ which lets users view all the articles ever broadcast on the app, and they will be granted access to a not-yet-announced new feature. “We believe we have created one of the most comprehensive and immersive political apps in the mobile space today — one where users can see, hear and interact with our content in an informative yet entertaining way,” says Beth Jacobs, general manager of mobile at The Washington Post.  This app is first of it’s kind and will help voters make informed decisions. What candidates are you excited to follow this election year?  For more information, please see

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by Brittany Meder