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The Weather Channel recently implemented a risky guerrilla marketing stunt at various bus stops to promote their new and improved Android app. The latest adjustments to the app allow for users to see faster maps, more detailed forecasts, a refresh button, optimization for tablets, and more. Therefore, users will know about the weather in a quicker manner and can better prepare themselves for what weather awaits them in the near future. That being said, the stunt unfolded like so: On a normal sunny day, a man was placed inside a bus stop shelter, which featured advertisements for the Weather Channel app on the interior walls. The man would intermittently look at The Weather Channel app on his smartphone, after which he immediately pulled out an umbrella ‘coincidentally’ right before a sudden ‘downpour of rain,’ which actually came from the ceiling of the bus stop. The sudden ‘rainfall’ doused everyone else in the bus shelter, as they looked at the man in bewilderment, who in turn would go on to explain the gimmick and tell them about the app. Although cruel, this type of transit-based guerrilla marketing is becoming exceedingly popular. For example, Qualcomm implemented sporadic Lamborghini pickups at bus stops as well as the smell-vertising activations by McCain Foods, which both utilized similar eyebrow-raising, sometimes irksome street activations. The videos of these random bus shelter downpours are being promoted by Iris Worldwide, The Weather Channel’s ad agency, and The Weather Channel themselves through YouTube and Facebook. As mobile marketing integrations become exceedingly more difficult to effectively implement, many brands are stepping outside the box in order to create hype around apps or promotions. Activations like this, although potentially annoying or rude to consumers, can prove to be very effective if done correctly. Find out more here.