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It's time to create believers. Not just buyers. To talk about the why, instead of the what. Less advertising. More recruiting.


It's time to include them in your movement. To tell a story worth telling. And make them the stars.


So, join your consumers. Join your shared beliefs. And when you do, they'll join your brand.


Of course, it's their choice to join. It's our job to make them want to.


We're Moosylvania, and we build brands – one believer at a time.


Why You Should Believe Us.


Our belief system is based upon ongoing annual proprietary research that began in 2012.


Each year, we ask 1,000 consumers to tell us their three favorite brands, unaided.


We then dig in and ask every way possible: how and why they’ve adopted those brands.


This research informs our ideas, helps us identify the right consumers and guides how we target them in media.


We’ve been publishing the Moosylvania Top 100 Brands report – recognized by Business Insider, New York Times and Entrepreneur.


That led to the book, The Participation Game,  published in the Fall of 2017 by Idea Press.


Ultimately it’s not what we say. It’s what consumers tell us.

  • CEONorty Cohen
  • VP, Executive Creative DirectorGreg Vogler
  • Chief Marketing OfficerMary Delano
  • VP, MediaMichael Harris
  • VP, Human ResourcesSharon Ayres
  • VP - ExperientialRyan Orrick
  • Vice PresidentAndrew Cohen

Consumers are in charge of the ads they see – and the brands they choose to let into their world. Their friends are generating hundreds of interesting and compelling posts a day and commanding their attention. Be part of their conversation.

— Norty Cohen

Check out The Participation Game

Keep it simple, keep it smart and keep it entertaining. Above all, make it about them, not you.

— Greg Vogler

It's getting increasingly difficult to gain consumers' attention. This means our creativity needs to extend beyond the campaigns we create and into the way we deliver the message. Successful campaigns create two-way communication and encourage consumer participation.

— Mary Delano

Always looking to grow passionate and motivated creative leaders to join our brand.

— Sharon Ayres

Live experiences create a deep emotional bond. Allow your consumers to complement your story and they'll compliment your brand.

— Ryan Orrick

Find people who are better, have different skills, force change in how you think and surround yourself with them.

— Andrew Cohen

Media is a balanced mix of art and science. It should not be intrusive. It's about creating utility at the very moment when your target is ready and willing to engage.

— Michael Harris

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