Know: Convenience and Personalization are 'Expectations,' Surprises are 'Extra Special'

Even though brands have to stay relevant in order to create change, we also live in a world where consumers crave a little light-hearted, special treatment. The bar for making things fun and ‘extra special’ isn’t exceptionally high for brands to deliver against.

of Millennials say that providing free samples is ‘extra special’

Free samples are extra special
wishing happy birthday is extra special

of Millennials say that wishing them a happy birthday is ‘extra special’

of Millennials say that delivering products in speciality boxes or wrapping is ‘extra special’

specialty delivery boxes are extra special
personalized emails make consumers feel welcome

Even prior to March 2020, 75% of Millennials expected a brand to deliver directly to their door (throughout this year we’ve continued to see this evolve and more options become available), and 68% expect personalized emails. These add up to being simple gestures of etiquette.

And, if we expect people to join our brand communities, the least brands can do is up the game on making them feel welcome.

So, how do you take your brand from expected to extra special? We have some ideas.


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