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Moose Trend Tracker: April 2022

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Straight years of growth in the spirits category have been driven by premiumization. According to Kaleigh Theriault, manager for beverage alcohol thought leadership at NielsenIQ, non-alcoholic spirits (up 86%), prepared cocktails (up 48%) and tequila (up 12.4%) led this growth. “Non-alcoholic spirits are the smallest segment when looking at overall dollars, but non-alcoholic spirits have accelerated faster than any other segment through the past five years,” she explained. 

(Beverage Industry, April 2022)

Sports & Fitness


Of people who exercise say that mental health was their number one reason for hitting the gym, according to a Mintel report. Many people say the pandemic has opened their eyes to exercise, with half of Americans saying they want to take better care of their mental health due to COVID-19. In fact, 36% of consumers said that they are working out more regularly than before the pandemic. 

(Club Industry, April 2022 | Mintel, April 2022)



Of crypto owners started buying digital currencies in 2021, following a continual trend of growth in digital currencies. Today, 16% of Americans believe that investing in cryptocurrency is a way to protect their wealth from losing its value as inflation soars to a 40-year high. Nearly 40% of current crypto owners feel the same way.

(Business Insider, April 2022)



Of shoppers won’t give retailers a second chance after a poor delivery experience. Consumers’ perceptions of companies have also changed due to delivery delays and poor communication. As e-commerce has grown in recent years, consumer expectations have as well—and companies are having to go the extra mile to meet them. Nearly 25% of consumers expect real-time tracking to be available after they complete a purchase. 

(Businesswire, April 2022)

Entertainment News


Of Netflix’s 222 million worldwide subscribers watched “some” anime on the platform in 2021, and the total hours spent watching anime increased 20% globally. Netflix announced in late March that it is heavily investing in Japanese animation and plans to release 40 anime series in 2022. 

(Hollywood Reporter, April 2022).


$44 Billion

Is the amount spent by Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, in his agreement to purchase Twitter. The deal would turn the now-public company private, and Musk’s proposed changes include authenticating ‘all real humans’ on the social media platform and loosening speech guidelines. The change in ownership is expected to lead to major changes in Twitter leadership as well. 

(CNN, April 2022 | Wall Street Journal, April 2022)


Lady Gaga is pairing up with Japanese anime streaming service Crunchyroll for a streetwear collection. This is an example of how celebrities and major fashion brands are partnering with Japanese animation studios or brands for special collabs. Many of these partnerships feature luxury fashion brands - for example, Gucci x Doraemon and Loewe x Studio Ghibli. These collaborations follow the trend of Asian media making its way into Western culture. 

(Yahoo!Entertainment, April 2022 | Augustman, April 2022)

Brands should...

Ask themselves: how can we advocate for change? How can we support change? How can we uplift changemakers? These questions became particularly relevant as we saw brands activating for Earth Day in April, sparking commentary about ‘greenwashing.’

According to Solitaire Townsend, chief solutionist and co-founder of the global change-agency Futerra, these questions encourage communication focused on advocacy, honesty and helping the consumer to make better, more sustainable choices. 

“The brands that do this well are being embraced,” she said. “Whereas the brands that are still attempting to claim or take credit for what they’re doing on sustainability tend to be disappointed, if not actually criticized, for greenwashing.”

(Reuters, April 2022)

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