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Moose Trend Tracker: April

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Of people are willing to spend more on beverages and products that improve their overall wellbeing, with 50% of consumers actively seeking alternatives to alcohol. This trend is motivating the beverage industry to continue to innovate toward RTD drinks that contain ‘better for you’ ingredients and benefits. 

(Beverage Daily, April 2021)



Increase in sales of home gym equipment combined with a 39% decline in sales of active clothing, track & field equipment, sneakers, swimming equipment and camping gear provides a clear implication for millennial fitness trends. It shows that although they are still exercising, they may not be playing sports to the same extent as before the pandemic.  

(Entrepreneur, April 2021)


As many people reevaluate lives, careers and goals on the tailend of the Covid-19 pandemic, millennials in particular are reimagining their post-pandemic lives. Millennials may have increased risk appetites due to feeling emboldened by vaccination rates,  a recovering job market and bank accounts that have been “fattened by a year of stay-at-home savings.” While some individuals are changing jobs, others are stepping off the career treadmill altogether. 

(Yahoo!Finance, April 2021) 

Americans are reevaluating their long-term investments. “Mortgage is once again the clear priority for U.S. borrowers,” said Matt Komos, Vice President of Research and Consulting at TransUnion. “The mantra, ‘you can’t drive your home to work’ doesn’t have the same effect when millions of Americans are waking up, showering, eating breakfast and taking only a few steps to their home office.” 

(Global Payment Hierarchy Study, 2021)


A recent survey showed that consumers are more willing than ever to use “technologically advanced systems” while grocery shopping.


Of shoppers are open to trying a drone delivery service or robotic delivery service.


Say they prefer contactless payment over cash at checkouts.


Are extremely likely to order from grocery stores if offered their choice of pickup time and location and fees lower than doorstep delivery.

(Inmar Intelligence, April 2021)



Of parents say their child watches more content on streaming services than cable according to YPulse’s media consumption report. 

Brands like Netflix are taking this to heart by upgrading the kid profile pages to look more kid-friendly with characters quickly and easily visible. Michelle Parsons, Product Manager for kids and family at Netflix said, “This is going to be like a kid walking into their own room, where they know where every Lego piece is.” 

(The Verge, April 2021 | YPulse, 2021) 



Of people want to do more to be sustainable at home, while 76% of parents are inspired by their children to do so, according to a study in Canada by Procter & Gamble. 

While every day is Earth Day, brands like P&G showcased how to adjust to small changes at home to help protect Mother Earth, in support of the official ‘Earth Day’ on April 22nd. 

(The Drum, April 2021)


Of 16-34-year-old consumers said they believe brands should encourage people to get vaccinated, compared to 38% who believe brands should not get involved. 

  • 60% believe brands should give employees time off to get vaccinated.
  • 52% want brands to reward employees for getting vaccinated.
  • 49% believe brands should give free stuff to consumers who have been vaccinated.

(YPulse, April 2021)



Of 13-year-olds edit their own selfies. This statistic urged Dove, a brand known for body positivity, to partner with Lizzo, who also heroes message of inclusivity and self-love, in their new campaign launch, “The Selfie Talk.” The first round of the campaign focuses on the toxicity of selfie culture and the effects this has on beauty perceptions through TV, streaming and digital film. The campaign provides an online toolset for parents and teachers to address body confidence with children, which can be found on the Dove website. 

(Adweek, April 2021)


Rethink online shopping experiences. “It’s a good time to be in the online retail game — and if you’re not, to jump on the bandwagon,” wrote JR Ridinger, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Market America. 

(Entrepreneur, April 2021)

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