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Moose Trend Tracker: December

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Of U.S. bartenders say that tequila is the top trending spirit in 2021. Retailers can confirm its popularity, as they expect tequila to be the leader to the spirit category in 2022. 80% of retailers are expecting to carry more tequila in 2022 as well. The rise in its popularity could be attributed to its shift to being perceived as a luxury spirit. 

This falls in line with nearly 75% of people in the U.S. saying that high quality cocktails are important to them, which is a 16% increase from 2020.

(Beverage Daily, December 2021 / Bacardi, December 2021)

Sports & Fitness

Players of the sport ‘quidditch’ are dropping the name from the broomstick-filled sport. The decision comes after Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, came under fire for her comments online toward members of the transgender community. U.S. Quidditch and Major League Quidditch announced that a new name will be picked after surveying new choices.

(NBC News, December 2021)


1 in 10

Americans were open to giving crypto as a gift during the holiday season. Bitcoin is the crypto of choice for these gifts, with 75% of the people planning to give crypto saying they will be gifting that specific currency. 

Despite its increase in popularity as a holiday gift, less than 25% of people actually knew how to give cryptocurrency to others. 

(CoinTelegraph, December 2021)



Of consumers now shop for groceries online. DoorDash is currently the most recognized e-grocery brand (81%), followed by Grubhub (73%), Instacart (62%) and Postmates (62%). The COVID-19 pandemic is theorized to be one of the core reasons for this increase in online grocery shopping - with 35% of people saying safety was a factor in them shopping online. Now however, 59% of consumers have found online grocery shopping to be more convenient than shopping in-person, so it’s unlikely that the trend will go away with the pandemic. 

(MeatPoultry, December 2021)

Entertainment News


2021 was the year of BTS - especially on social media. The band took the crown for the most followed group on Instagram earlier this year and their superstardom hasn’t stopped there. 

This is not surprising for fans of the South Korean boy band. The band also holds the record for the most retweeted tweet in 2021, as well as the 2nd highest liked tweet of 2021 - right after Joe Biden. 

BTS member V set two Guinness World records on Dec. 13 just a few hours after starting a personal Instagram account. 

(Billboard, December 2021 / The Verge, December 2021) 


Luxury fashion brand Chanel came under fire after selling a disappointing $825 advent calendar. The product went viral on TikTok after a user shared her experience opening the products. 

From stickers to a magnet to a Chanel-branded dust bag, the quality of the items being sold was shocking to many users who labelled the calendar “cheap and shameful.” Other luxury brands, including Dior and Saint Laurent, have successfully released similar advent calendars, which featured higher valued items at a lower sticker price.

(The New York Times, December 2021)

Collabs and Partnerships


Of those surveyed by Tidio actively believe that the Metaverse “will prove harmful to users.” Potential issues mentioned were addiction to the simulated virtual world (46%), an increase in privacy issues (41%), and potential mental health issues (41%). 

However, despite this hesitancy, consumers and brands alike are beginning to  explore the Multiverse. McDonald’s and Nike are two of the latest, with Nike buying NFT start-up RTFKT. This virtual shoe company sells virtual products, or NFTs, that people can collect and show-off in the virtual world. 

Luxury brands, including Gucci and Balenciaga, have also dipped their toes into the world of virtual clothing and NFTs in 2021 by releasing virtual purses and clothes.

(Digital Information World / The Verge, December 2021)

Brands Should...

Tap into their fund of human knowledge and reconnect with people on a human level. They have to remember what made them great in the beginning and start finding ways to reintroduce that into a digitally transformed world.

 (AdAge, December 2021)

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