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Moose Trend Tracker: January

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Of Americans and 23% of U.S. adults who drink alcohol planned to participate in Dry January this year, according to YouGov. This is a substantial increase from last year, when 10% of Americans and 16% of American adults who drink participated.
(YouGov, Jan. 2021)



Of all virtual sports and fitness events were ticketed in 2020, a drastic difference from years past when virtual sporting events were not considered an epicenter of our social lives. This category also consistently gained the highest share of paid tickets for virtual events. According to Eventbrite, “as gyms and sports leagues shut down and people became desperate for the camaraderie of physical events, the share of paid tickets and number of attendees increased.”
(Eventbrite, Dec. 2020)


278 Million

The number of views #investing recently hit on TikTok. Many young people are heeding the advice of social media personalities when it comes to stocks and investing. In one instance, Carole Baskin mentioned a penny stock in a video, triggering an increase of 230% in price.
(Nasdaq, Jan. 2021)



The year-over-year increase in average online spend by consumers 65 and older.

To retailers’ surprise, Baby Boomers are dominating online shopping. Older Americans are increasingly buying groceries - and just about everything else - on the Internet, and those over 65 are now the fastest-growing category of e-commerce shoppers.
(Washington Post, Jan. 2021)



Of respondents said they plan to attend both virtual and in-person events in the future, according to a YouGov survey sponsored by Eventbrite.

“Virtual tourism is not just here, but here to stay,” said Corey William Schneider, CEO and founder of New York Adventure Club. “COVID-19 forced the world to stay indoors and pursue all forms of entertainment from home, and when the pandemic subsides, I believe there will be events that people will prefer to do from home instead of in-person.”
(Eventbrite, Dec. 2020)


9.7 million

Americans follow a plant-based diet, which is a 300% increase over the last 15 years. This segment of consumers care deeply that food comes from ethical and sustainable sources, and they’re more active and engaged in social and political causes than most Americans.
(Ipsos, 2020 / Helixa, Jan. 2021)

Vegans are 7x more likely to cook for themselves at home when compared to the national average. Many meal kit delivery services have responded to this trend by increasing their vegan and vegetarian meal offerings.
(Helixa, Jan. 2021 / Healthline, Dec. 2020)



Viewers tuned into place their votes on the Lexus car designed specifically for gamers. As part of their “All In” campaign, the Lexus’ 2021 IS sedan was created through a collaboration with the Twitch community in a two-hour livestream on Twitch with Fuslie, a well-known and influential gamer on the Twitch platform. The community was able to vote on the vehicles gaming consoles, 3D-printed controller, monitors, lighting, drinks and car wrap.

Tune into Fuslie’s livestream on Feb. 17, 2021 to see the full-size car completed design.
(Marketing Dive, Jan. 2021)


Explore opportunities to host virtual events in 2021.

Although in-person events will likely be occurring more often as pandemic restrictions are lifted, brands should continue to invest in virtual events as Americans continue to avoid large gatherings.
(Eventbrite, Dec. 2020)

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